Updates from everywhere

The Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh wants us to know that the well-being of their guests and teams is their “absolute priority.”

The hotel will “adhere to the strictest possible terms of all advice issues by (the World Health Organization), as well as the protocols advised by local and international authorities.”

Furthermore, any employee returning from a country affected by COVID-19, or has been in close proximity with someone from one of those areas, has been asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

That email came four days ago, which feels like forever right about now, as fast as everything is moving.

The school where I was taking my photography class sent a notice last week that while they were taking various precautions, they weren’t planning on closing and were taking a “business as usual” approach otherwise.

A couple hours later, all the night classes were suspended until March 30. As it stands right now, the school building and grounds are closed until April 6, and night classes are on hold until April 7, pending reassessment of the situation April 3.

Gleneden Beach, Oregon

Salishan Resort in Gleneden Beach, Oregon, didn’t have information about following WHO guidelines, but will eliminate cancellation fees and allow people to change travel dates, pending availability.

Getting emails from everyone we ever did business with is nothing new, and I’m sure it’s not for you, either.

But they used to be general information or promotions, trying to get us to come back, not a response to a global pandemic.

And I would definitely love to go back to the Salishan someday. It’s a gorgeous resort, and the Pacific Ocean is literally across the street.

Actually, I’d be happy returning to anywhere we went in Oregon. We loved it there.

Edinburgh, too. It was just a couple days at the end of a London trip, but was amazing in its own right, and I’d love to see more of it and Scotland as a whole.

Too bad it doesn’t feel like I’ll be getting on a plane to anywhere any time soon. This is a time to stay home as much as possible.

Baylor-Texas basketball

During a trip to San Antonio and Austin, we went to a women’s basketball game between the University of Texas and Baylor. It was a good time, much like Austin in general.

I wish we had spent longer there, and I should get back someday. It was cool and funky, and if the one time we went for barbecue is any indication, the city comes by its reputation properly.

In addition to a Yankees-Phillies game we went to in Clearwater, a trip to the Tampa area happened to coincide with the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team playing at South Florida.

UConn’s star player was Rudy Gay, and there was a sign in the crowd calling for “No Gay Penetration,” because, you see … his last name is “Gay” and he liked to penetrate the defense to go to the basket and … I just hope they’d confiscate the sign if anyone tried something similar today.

Also, traffic in Tampa is awful.

For years, I got emails from UT and USF, until I discovered the handy “unsubscribe” button in my email. It may have reduced my junk email by … 0.1 percent.

“As health care professionals, we believe we have a role to play in ‘flattening the curve’ in order to follow sound, scientific public health advice to help limit infections and slow the spread of the virus. Our office will be closely reviewing our appointment schedule. If you have a non-urgent appointment scheduled with us this week, our office will be in touch to help reschedule your appointment.”

Of course, email updates aren’t just from places you’ve visited.

For example, my former dentist’s office is closed until April 6.

I went there for several years until I moved to where I live now. The hygienist I dealt with regularly was really nice, once I got past her calling me “my friend” from the first time we met. It felt slightly too familiar, but then I realized it was just her personality and she talked that way to everyone.

They were really responsive, too. I was able to book emergency appointments more than once on short notice, including the time the area around my broken wisdom tooth got badly infected and I needed the tooth removed immediately if not sooner.

I’m just not sure, however, how they can have me in their system and not realize I haven’t been there in almost four years.

8 thoughts on “Updates from everywhere

  1. Sumedha

    Things seem to be happening very fast, with many organizations and institutions closing down with sudden notice. This is the time to take things seriously and contain the virus. Stay safe and healthy ❤


  2. Jade Braham

    It is a crazy time for all of us. Everything seems to be spiralling out of control but hopefully, with all these new precautions, we will get back to normalcy soon. Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

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