When the songs find you

For a nine-year-old song I don’t think I’ve ever listened to on purpose, I hear OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” a lot.

I have nothing against the song — I just rarely listen to music on the radio and never downloaded it — but I’m guessing it has probably paid Ryan Tedder’s mortgage many times over, as often as it randomly appears even now.

Like before a BC Lions football game. Or volleyball games in the park.

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Just be what you are: June 26

Whatever the “hydrating beauty bars” were, I assumed they must be Suzi’s as I reached around them to grab a lens wipe for my glasses.

Other than something called Verb that shows up at our door every so often — I’m guessing it has the market just about cornered on part-of-speech-based hair products — I don’t pay much attention to what she uses in the shower.

As for me, I’m a simple man. I use basic shampoo and soap.

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Such a missed opportunity

I should find more podcasts to listen to.

As long as they’re around an hour, they can get me through most if not all of my drive home, and I don’t have to fiddle with my music or the shows on the radio if what’s playing doesn’t do it for me right then.

I can just ride and enjoy.

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Switzerland, here we come! (Not now, but soon): June 12

I don’t believe in the power of positive thinking, and the less I say about “manifesting,” the better off we’ll all be.

So when Suzi and I decided that this probably wasn’t the year to go to Switzerland, neither of us were completely happy, but that was how it was going to be.

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Kids these days have it so good: June 5

As a member of Generation X who has imposter syndrome and was a latchkey kid, an article about all of those things is going to get my attention.

I’m generally not one to go for generalizations about my generation (or others for the most part), but this was absolutely spot-on.

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