The Captain’s Quiz 8: Summer side up


It seems so long ago, back in the winter, the last time I competed in one of Paul’s Captain’s Quizzes. After a lengthy spell in the basement, I managed to score a fifth-place finish, 13 points behind Renata.

Only 13 points … but a long, hard 13 points.

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Twice as … whatever: Aug. 28

There’s a scene in “The Social Network” — liked it well enough, but was surprised to read it was only two hours, because it felt a LOT longer — where Armie Hammer’s Tyler Winklevoss dismisses the thought of hiring someone to beat up Mark Zuckerberg by saying, “I’m 6’5″, 220, and there’s two of me.”

I wonder what would have happened if the Winklevii (that would be Tyler and his twin brother Cameron) had ultimately run what is now Facebook.

Or if there were two Zuckerburgs. (Shudder.)

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I got nuthin’: Aug 21

If it weren’t Sunday, and this is what I do for Sundays, I probably wouldn’t have written this.

I was busy all week, and nothing caught my attention enough to write about it. That kind of writer’s block happens to me a lot, but I can usually scare up something for Sunday, but not this week.

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Oh, that happened: Aug 14

I saw on Facebook Memories that I got laid off three years ago.

I certainly remember that day — two days after I got back from vacation, being so stunned I could barely talk, still having to work for the next two weeks but not going into the office until I had to turn in my equipment.

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Going Swiss*: Another lesson

* I’ve actually been home from Switzerland for a week, because, unfortunately, vacations are things you have to come back from. However, I had a few more thoughts about the trip, and am finally trying to turn them into words.

One last boat ride, this time in Luzern.

One last time to not just take in the glorious lake and Alps from a distance or inside a train car, or even walking around, but to be among them, surrounded by them.

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