The week gone by — Aug. 30

Suzi and I always wear our masks when we go into a building, but don’t usually wear them when we walk.

Whether it’s the streets of our town, a trail or one of the nature areas we visit on Sundays, there are usually not many people around and plenty of space to keep our distance from anyone we encounter.

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I originally posted this Friday, July 3, 2015. It mostly has to do with moving day, but since it leads off with needing a new pizza place, we had a preferred place for a while, but now we rotate when we get it Thursday nights. 

I broke off a relationship recently.

Actually, “relationship” isn’t really the best word for it. For the longest time, although the young woman involved knew it was me every time I called, I didn’t know her name for months. I just called her up on Monday nights to let her know I was coming, she did what I needed her to do and I left.

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Back to bowling after lockdown – Our visit to Sunderland Bowl. — North East Family Adventures

“In terms of social distancing and dealing with Covid-19, we think that Sunderland Bowl have done a great job. Most visitors seem to be following the one way system, only half of the lanes are open, meaning that it is pretty easy to adhere to distancing rules and we noticed that the staff were keeping on top of the extra cleaning duties they have been given.”
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I love bowling, and when I first heard about the possibility of bowling alleys reopening, I thought it was possible if there were enough precautions.

So I was happy to see this. Go check out the post, and if you like it, be sure to let them know!

When we can’t go

After reading this article about what sports fans miss because they can’t go to games, I talk about something else you don’t experience when you can’t see a ballgame, concert, movie or show in person.

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Haircuts and road trips — On The Fly

“As I adjust to the new normal it becomes easier to deal with and the differences between life now and before aren’t always that obvious.”

Haircuts and road trips

A great and different perspective from Fizz here. Go check it out at On The Fly, and make sure to share some love on her page!

Waiting to go home

Ten years ago, I went to Canandaigua, New York, to spend a few days in one of our company’s offices as part of a management-training program.

I enjoyed my time there. Everyone was friendly. The work was interesting, and the town was lovely in the evening.

Plus, they took me to lunch at the Wegmans food court, which may well have been life-changing.

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Holiday 2020 days 16-17 ‹ Smelly Socks and Garden Peas ‹ Reader —

Home safe and sound after a bloody brilliant 2 weeks road tripping, just as we’d imagined (well more or less), now just to unpack and do the mountains of washing before getting back to work tomorrow.
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Back home … vacation over … we no longer get to vicariously live through them to remind ourselves when we could actually go places.

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