The week gone by — Sept. 27

Shivam is a 10-year-old boy from the West Midlands in England, and is mad about cricket.

According to his mother, Rosie D., Shivam watches regardless of the format or who’s playing, and also loves women’s cricket.

Shivam started playing cricket a couple years ago, and while he was a little behind the other kids, he’s learning … and he looks pretty snazzy in his cricket gear.

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The week gone by — Sept. 20

I’m probably only aware of the existence of Chip and Joanna Gaines by osmosis … because I know people who are fans of theirs or something like that.

I knew they did some kind of home-improvement show — I had to look up that it was called “Fixer Upper,” and it’s apparently coming back in a very exciting development — but I mostly only see those at my parents’ house or in the waiting room of a doctor’s or dentist’s office where people can watch or ignore at their leisure but at least no one will complain to the owner about whatever news channel was on the TV.

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Golden Bloggerz Award

I hate nicknames, or at least when people try to give me nicknames, since for the most part, I’ve never really liked any of them.

However, a few people over the years have coined names for me that only they are allowed to use, and in that spirit, how can I object that Pea Green from Smelly Socks and Garden Peas has dubbed me “Lovely Bill”?

Just don’t you try and call me that.

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Getting away … even when you can’t

The mornings and evenings, and even some of the days, are starting to get cooler.

Long-sleeve shirts, jeans, hoodies and sweats are starting to appear again, pulled off shelves and hangers for the first time in months.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, because it’s September, and September’s going to September.

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