Isn’t Halloween … on Halloween?

It doesn’t look great for the trick-or-treaters.

It’s warm, but it’s raining, so we’ll probably see fewer kids than usual, and we already don’t see a lot, living on a loop road on top of a hill.

I wonder if the little girl who always looks for our cat Sasha when she goes by will go out. I’m told she plans on dressing up as a cat.

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Compliments make me feel weird

Suzi thinks she has found a problem with my resume and cover letter.

They include information about the jobs I held, but she’s convinced I don’t brag enough.

She was quizzing me about what I’ve done over the years, and she basically replied “write that” every other sentence.

So we overhauled the resume and cover letter, and we’ll see if it works.

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The day we met Joe Girardi

Originally posted Aug. 6, 2017. In honor of Joe Girardi getting the manager’s job in Philadelphia, the story of an encounter outside the Yankees’ clubhouse.

“What do you remember about going to Yankee Stadium with Ralphie?” my father-in-law asked, referring to his uncle.

I remember it was the first time I had met Ralphie, and that we piled into his van somewhere near West Hartford, Connecticut, to drive to the stadium.

I don’t remember anything about the game, but there’s one thing about the trip I definitely remember.

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They don’t miss a trick

Most of the deliveries we get of actual value — also known as Suzi’s way-too-small whatever in a way-too-large box, plus sometimes books — is delivered by UPS, FedEx or random person someone hired to drop it off.

Most of what comes to our mailbox that’s not her Boden deliveries or bills is trying to sell us something, about 85 percent of which goes immediately into recycling.

But the other day, we got something refrigerator-worthy … next year’s Portland Sea Dogs schedule.

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Kickball gone crazy

I am something of a competitive human being, to the point where it’s probably unhealthy at times.

It is one of my lesser angels, and I’m not especially proud of it, but it is what it is.

But when I see something that makes me think “Damn, that’s over the top,” trust me when I tell you it’s nuts.

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Seven seconds of awkwardness

What was the last embarrassing social interaction you had?

You know … something along the lines of not realizing that two people you’re in a regular social group with are married when apparently everyone else not only knew, but assumed that was just common knowledge.

How long did that stick with you?

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For brains, just add water

My rewards card wasn’t scanning properly, but it wasn’t really a big deal.

It wasn’t going to save me any money, plus it’s attached to my keychain and is kind of beaten up anyway, so having to scan it multiple times wasn’t a shock.

But the woman at the register was apologetic about making me dig my keys out of my pocket again, explaining that if the software “were any dumber, they’d have to water it twice a day.”

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I don’t get people, part whatever

Because no road in Massachusetts is ever truly done, I came across a resurfacing project on the way home from an appointment.

It meant the road was rough, and traffic was down to one lane because of work on the side of the road.

The officer put his hand up to stop my lane, but it was only going to be a minor inconvenience.

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