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So who am I?

My name is Bill. I’m in my late-40s and live about 30 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts.

The woman in the picture with me is my wife Suzi. The photo is from our tour of Wembley Stadium last year. We spend a lot of our time trying to crack each other up. Here’s how we met.

I have a younger brother and parents who live in my home state of New York, in-laws in my wife’s home state of Connecticut and a cat.

I enjoy the Yankees winning, Jennifer Nettles singing and spaghetti disappearing off the plate in front of me, among other things.

And in case you’re wondering, of course being a Yankees fan in Massachusetts isn’t considered odd at all. Why do you ask?

What is my “niche”?

Ahhhh … yes … the “niche.” What is the one thing I do that I am such an expert on, you’ll keep coming back?

Years ago, a friend of mine from high school referred to “life’s grand pageant,” and I’ve never been able to think of a better way to describe my writing.

Lots of stuff happens in life. It can be happy, sad, meaningful, trivial, funny, goofy or annoying.

But there’s a story in almost everything. What I try to do with this blog is tell those stories from the stuff that happens in my life.

And they could literally be about anything: a movie I enjoyed more than I thought I would, how I’ll always be a wide-eyed tourist in New York City, the fright of hearing that my alma mater was in lockdown due to a threat.

And yes, sometimes about stuff you put in the toilet.

There are two reasons why this blog is called A Silly Place. One is as a tribute to my late cat Silly. The other is that life can be, well … silly.

Bits of my philosophy

”Whatever works” — As long as you’re not hurting anyone else or breaking (too many minor) laws, I’m pretty much a “you do yours, I’ll do mine” kind of guy.

”I’d rather be right than popular” — Sure, I’d love to be both, but anyone can be popular if they kiss the right a— and enough of it.

Right requires skill. Right lasts.

”We are all hypocrites” — We will defend ourselves and the people we like while condemning others for the same thing. It’s human nature, and unless you’re using it cynically for your own personal or political advantage, it’s usually harmless.

”Those who are, don’t have to tell you” — If you’re smart, tough, brave, kind or any other attribute, up to and including being the same girl as you were growing up in the Bronx, unchanged by fame or fortune (there’s a reason I call it the “Jenny from the Block” rule), there’s no need to announce it to the world.

People will know.

In that spirit, I won’t be telling you that I’m insanely brilliant, wickedly funny and devilishly handsome.

Also, humble.

To see my latest and greatest (well, at least the latest)





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