Solutions wherever you can find them

The couch in our TV room is very important to me, especially the portion next to the end table.

No one else sits there. Every so often, our cat Sasha, who has claimed every other piece of furniture in the house and generally been allowed to get away with it, will give it a whirl if the sun is coming in just right, but if she even sees me coming, she bolts.

She knows better than to try me.

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The week gone by — April 11

The family was blocking the end of the footbridge — Mom and Dad, their little girl and I assume the grandparents.

Suzi and I hung back, masks on, waiting for them to move … when all of a sudden the little girl took off running down a trail.

The rest of the family followed. We went the other way.

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The waiting … oh, the waiting

I’m not saying I’m desperate, but am I going to have to go on a dating app to get what I’m looking for?

Granted, it’s going to be pretty tough to sell this to Suzi, but maybe she’ll have less of a problem with it if I say I’m looking for both of us.

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If we only knew …

Remember the first week or 10 days of last March?

I know it feels like a century or two, but it was only a little more than a year ago that most of us were still enjoying the Before Times, unaware that we were just days away from the full force of a pandemic that would infect and kill millions, cripple countless businesses and turn people’s lives upside down … for more than a year.

But what if we had known?

What would we have done? What would we have not done?

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Just chilling out

It’s pretty hard not to be relaxed when you’re rocking sunglasses with bright orange frames at the beach, right?

Except I don’t own any sunglasses … and even if I did, my tastes are slightly more conservative, sporting apparel notwithstanding. Nor was I at the beach, unfortunately.

Nope, I was wearing the orange-accented eyewear to make sure my regular glasses didn’t suffer spatters while I was at the dentist.

But I was still pretty relaxed.

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Wondering about people’s stories

The sand that seems to go on forever, the Pacific Ocean, the amusement park, the volleyball courts, the walkers, cyclists and rollerbladers on the path — they all make Santa Monica Beach one of my favorite places from Suzi’s and my travels.

I know … I know … it’s probably a horrible tourist trap, but I also find Times Square endlessly enchanting so … whatever.

When we went to Los Angeles several years ago, our hotel was less than a 20-minute walk to the beach, and from the park and pedestrian area above the beach, it’s just as amazing at sunset as in the middle of the day.

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My parts don’t work quite like they used to, and I hate it

“Ow … ::shuffle:: … ow … ::shuffle:: … (unintelligible groan-like noises) … ::shuffle:: … (more unintelligible groan-like noises).”

The whole thing felt pretty pathetic — my right knee feeling so horrible that I needed to pull myself up by the rail and step with both feet onto each stair because I couldn’t push off that leg.

It wasn’t much better on the way down, either.

I know I had walked two miles followed by 90 minutes of pickleball for the second day in a row, but I hadn’t gone that hard.

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