A year after “Hamilton”

A year ago today, we spent the morning of my wife’s birthday on a tour of the National Theatre in London …

“It requires a veritable factory behind the scenes and systems that include a rotating drum with elevators, retractable seats, giant storage bays just offstage and crews that pride themselves on building lifelike sets and turning over an entire stage in just a matter of hours.

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Getting on the Maggie Rogers bandwagon

I didn’t have the foggiest idea who Maggie Rogers was when I went to the Mumford & Sons concert last December, other than she was the opening act.

But unlike Frankie Ballard — who seemed like he was built at the Create A Country Singer Store and was killing time until Sugarland could take the stage — the way she performed said one thing out loud.

She’s gonna be good.

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Apparently, people need special gaming chairs. Who knew?

As my wife and I walked into Staples to pick up a toner cartridge for our printer — we also wound up buying an iPhone charging cable, right in the entrance were “gaming chairs” with a special cooling system.

They looked like rebranded office chairs intended to capture the “spends a lot of time sitting but may not have an office job” market, but whatever.

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Photo gallery: The Newseum

When my wife and I were on vacation in Washington, D.C., not quite 10 years ago, we were going to spend one morning at The Newseum and then check out an Asian art display she was interested in at another museum.

We never made it to that other museum.

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How to be the “early bird that gets the worm”

Once upon a time, I thought I got up early because I hate having to roll out of bed and immediately start getting ready for work.

But after reading “You Make Or Break Your Life Between 5–7 AM” by Benjamin Hardy on Thrive Global, I now understand I am 87.5 percent of the way to dominating the world!

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Loaner car … I hardly knew you

To the loaner car with Pennsylvania license plates I got from the dealership …

What is your life like? I saw the name and address of a rental car company on the back of your key. Does the dealership call down to the rental car place to borrow you when they need a car for a customer?

Or did you used to be a rental car, but you’ve been phased out? Is that disappointing, a life of temporary hauls for otherwise-inconvenienced customers instead of adventures to and fro?

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A simple autograph, a moment to remember

For a few minutes in early March of 2006, my life’s mission was to get Ron Villone’s autograph.

Not because I had an odd affinity for middling left-handed middle relievers, but because at a typical spring training road game — the Yankees sent the bare minimum of regulars to Clearwater to play the Phillies — he was signing autographs along the foul line in right field.

And I had decided I was going to get someone’s autograph.

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Walking a 5K? I think I could do that

I got invited to take part in a 5K in June.

It’s a fundraiser for the school where my exercise class instructor works, but even though I like her a lot, I doubt I would have done it until she said the magic words.

“You can walk.”

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