When your life catches you off-guard

Not to get too inside baseball about how I do this here blog, but on Wednesdays I either post something I wrote years ago or something based on what I’ve written before — hence the “Written in Past Lives” tag.

Unless there’s something specific that I know I want to revisit, I basically just poke through my old stuff to see if there’s something that grabs my attention.

Which brings me to last August.

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Do people ‘piggyback’ online?

I downloaded Zoom because I had a job interview just as … you know … was showing the first signs of the havoc it would wreak on everyday life.

Since then, I’ve used it for a couple chats with friends and former coworkers, and my exercise class just moved online.

I don’t have any meetings to go to online, so for the people who do, there’s something I want to know.

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A little bit of help … a little too late

I saw a job listing from a company that included the phrases “leads ideation sessions” and “drives the executional design.”

Because apparently they prefer 25-cent terms and not nickel ones like “ideas,” “brainstorming” or “execution.”

Had the listing been interesting otherwise, I might have forgive its assault on the English language and applied, but it didn’t, so I didn’t.

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Life … without a script

“Get in, loser. We’re going to The Chateau.”

The “loser” reference was tongue-in-cheek, but Suzi figured going out for Italian food would be better than what I had been doing all afternoon — alternating between anger and feeling sorry for myself … when I wasn’t angry while feeling sorry for myself.

I have a very smart wife.

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Saturday: Don’t say anything

It wasn’t particularly easy, but Liverpool won again.

Fans, pundits, announcers … everyone is talking about what Liverpool is about to do, as it’s all but a done deal.

As a Liverpool fan, I’ll be so excited when they wi …

… Nope, can’t do it.

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Tuesday: Ugh … just ugh

Gray, foggy, cold, feeling like it’s raining even when it’s not … the kind of day that’s just the definition of “blah.”

At least it wasn’t snowing, and in February, that’s always a good thing.

And it’s time for three of the greatest words in the English language — “pitchers and catchers.”

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Some people are great teachers. I’m not one of them.

I recently got flagged for a job that I’m sure paid a good salary with good benefits, for an institution I’m guessing has plenty of resources to help someone succeed.

I probably would have applied for it if I had any interest in or qualifications for being an elementary school principal.

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Self-confidence in four words

Four words.

The question was “How do you respond to criticism? How do you respond to praise?”

I said I either get angry at or agree with the former and look at my feet when the latter happens. The woman I was talking to replied with the advice she gives.

And it was four words long.

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Not my problem anymore

Heading into town, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on the radio, the sun shining outside the car while I’m warm inside it.

A house on my left has inflatables, including a dragon holding a Christmas gift, on the front lawn. The impatient driver in front of me passes illegally over a double yellow line.

It’s a common route, even now, but I used to take it every day, and about four hours sooner, because it’s the way I used to go to work.

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