Golf … without the four-letter words

I’ll be honest; I haven’t been all that excited about playing golf lately.

My sheer incompetence, even at the driving range, combined with the inability to do anything about it, has left me discouraged.

But I hate quitting anything, and what was I going to tell my father-in-law, “Sorry, I don’t want to play today because all it will do is p–s me off”? Continue reading “Golf … without the four-letter words”


Wow … life doesn’t completely suck

Just when you think everything is horrible and life completely sucks, George Takei shares this NowThis Facebook video, one of your former college professors shares that …

… and you’re wondering who’s chopping onions at 7 a.m. Continue reading “Wow … life doesn’t completely suck”

Don’t make me miss my plane!

Everything was planned out perfectly.

My wife found a train that left the station near where we live roughly three hours before our flight to Toronto from Logan Airport. We could get on the train, and my housesitting mother could drive our car back home.

And then the announcement came that the train was delayed, not a a few minutes, but by a long time. Continue reading “Don’t make me miss my plane!”

This year had the chance to be the Yankees’ year

But here we are, so I’m going to share them.

I shouldn’t be this upset about the Yankees losing — and by “this upset,” I mean “looking for something to throw” — but the simple fact of the matter is that they were one win away from the World Series, with two games to do it, and didn’t get it done.

Yes, I know they’re supposedly “a year away.” But let me say it again … they were one game from going to the World Series this year, with two chances to get it. Continue reading “This year had the chance to be the Yankees’ year”

Didi Gregorius is a hero for all ages

Given that up until about six weeks ago, my wife had spent the last 10 years working in Boston, she took note when someone she worked with brought in her little grandson and he was wearing Yankees gear.

She guesses he was about 5, and when she asked who his favorite player was, he said, in the way only little kids can say, “Didi Gregorius.”

Continue reading “Didi Gregorius is a hero for all ages”

My apologies to Red Sox fans (sort of)

There’s no post-mortem like a losing Red Sox post-mortem, and there has never been a Red Sox losing post-mortem like in 2003, after Grady Little left Pedro Martinez in against the Yankees, and it didn’t work out so well. Continue reading “My apologies to Red Sox fans (sort of)”

If it’s English football, it’s vitally important

Since the men’s soccer team from England could clinch its spot in next year’s World Cup in Russia as early as Thursday, The Guardian decided to do an in-depth study of … the hotel where the players will be staying.

I love this story so much. Continue reading “If it’s English football, it’s vitally important”

The stomach-turning awesomeness of a big baseball game

A coworker asked me today if I was nervous about the Yankees-Twins playoff game tonight.

Of course I am. Yes, the Yankees are at home, had a better record than the Twins and have gotten the better of them recently, it’s one game, and anything can happen in one game. Continue reading “The stomach-turning awesomeness of a big baseball game”