Getaway in Toronto: Thank you, Toronto

No, I don’t know how it got to be 13 years.

After all, I have always enjoyed your company.

But one thing leads to another, and then another, and then all of a sudden it’s “I haven’t seen Toronto since 2009!?!?!?”

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Getaway in Toronto: Happy accidents

“You want a picture with the artist?”

Sure, why not? I’m sure most of the people who see the decorated blue bike outside the art gallery stop to take a photo, but I can’t imagine she’s there for all of them.

I asked her name. She said Allie. Or maybe it’s Ally. Or Aly. I didn’t ask her to spell it.

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Getaway in Toronto: Extinction-level event

There are certain things that I’ve liked as long as I can remember — spaghetti, the Yankees — but I can’t remember when I started liking them.

However, I can tell you it was Mrs. Henderson’s first-grade class when I started thinking dinosaurs were cool.

It’s not like I’ve studied dinosaurs since then, nor have I ever seen any of the “Jurassic Park” movies, but when Suzi looks at the map at the Royal Ontario Museum and asks if I want to see the dinosaurs, this 50-year-old may as well be 6 again.

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Looking up

“Wearing a jacket would have been smart,” I think.

I’ve taken an extra day before we go to Toronto for a long weekend — the day after, too, because why not? — and Suzi has told me I have to get outside.

Which is why I’m sitting at a picnic table at the arboretum a couple miles from my house on a glorious late-October day, even with the gusty breezes making things a little cool in my T-shirt.

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Just a silly mistake: Oct. 23

It was a simple plan, really.

Because the few things left in the sink would be just enough to fill the dishwasher, but dinner would produce enough dishes to just about make up its own load, I’d run it before Suzi started dinner.

That way, when the dishes were clean a few hours later, I’d be able to empty the dishwasher and refill it before it got too late.

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A new view: Oct. 16

“There’s a body of water over there,” Suzi said.

Oh yeah, there was. The stream continued behind me as I turned around. We wondered about the metal over the water — probably too wide to have been railroad track, maybe a former bridge?

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Dancing and death in the cards: Oct. 9

Cards with moving parts and music aren’t really my thing, so the one with the bananas on the front wasn’t really my fancy.

But the woman a few feet away clearly found it amusing, especially when it started playing “Day-O,” although I’m pretty sure she was shocked at first.

We had a chuckle.

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Efficient? … Not so much

Most of the stuff that comes in the mail goes straight into recycling, whether it’s the sales material for heat pumps, the local magazine/ad circular, the item addressed to me that when I turned it over was a women’s fashion catalog.

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I learned that today is World Smile Day.

Although I don’t usually research where our seemingly daily celebrations of … something … come from — I usually assume it’s some business group trying to market something — I actually did find out the inspiration behind World Smile Day.

And it’s not Big Dentist trying to convince you to get those pearly whites cleaned (or repaired), so you can have a nice smile.

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