A simple autograph, a moment to remember

For a few minutes in early March of 2006, my life’s mission was to get Ron Villone’s autograph.

Not because I had an odd affinity for middling left-handed middle relievers, but because at a typical spring training road game — the Yankees sent the bare minimum of regulars to Clearwater to play the Phillies — he was signing autographs along the foul line in right field.

And I had decided I was going to get someone’s autograph.

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Walking a 5K? I think I could do that

I got invited to take part in a 5K in June.

It’s a fundraiser for the school where my exercise class instructor works, but even though I like her a lot, I doubt I would have done it until she said the magic words.

“You can walk.”

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What’s my greatest fear? (And some other questions)

If you read Vanity Fair, you’re familiar with the question-and-answer at the end of the magazine. It’s known as the Proust Questionnaire, and here’s Jane Fonda’s as an example. (No, we’re not related, much to her chagrin.)

Since I’ll never be famous enough to be in Vanity Fair, here’s mine.

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