Save us from the jargon!

Every office, every professional situation has its BS, its jargon intended to make its speaker seem smarter.

Problem is, everyone knows its BS, except perhaps the spreader of such BS.

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Sorry … try something else

As my wife and I were driving to lunch today through a neighborhood of fancy suburban homes, we saw a few lawn signs that read “Drive like your pets live here.”

This clearly is an attempt to get the childless set to slow down, since we’re not going to drive like our kids live there if we don’t have any, right?

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Moving upstairs

With any move, there are details you have to figure out.

Such as where the paper towels are (above the counter, instead of under the sink).

And now, since I’m now around other people and walls are thin, whether I’d have to wear headphones when I listen to music (so far, no).

And since I have this weird thing about hitting the top step with my right foot, how I have to hit the first step in order for that to happen. (Also with my right foot.)

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‘Normal’ is what you make of it

Laundry’s going.

My wife will be grocery shopping.

Our cat Sasha was originally happy to see us, but now she’s off doing whatever it is she’s doing.

We’re home from New York, and although neither of us go back to work until Monday, things will now get back to normal.

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American symbol, American stories

There was a moment on the ferry when it hit, just as it crossed in front before making the last turn into the dock — “That’s the Statue of Liberty.”

Not that it was a surprise — after all, it’s why everyone on the boat was there — but more a moment of awe.

“That’s the Statue of Liberty.”

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Sara Bareilles and all of her new friends

It was a year ago last night that the sound of Sara Bareilles’ voice on “Jesus Christ Superstar” jolted me out of whatever I was doing and made me pay attention.

Last night, she sat at a piano to sing “Brave,” “Armor” and “She Used To Be Mine” for a crowd of about 400 people at TheTimesCenter.

And I was paying full attention.

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Sunday in the rain

As my wife and I were walking to dinner, she noticed an above-the-street business that advertised in neon lights that it was home to both a psychic and a life coach.

If that’s the same person, psychics were real and he or she was good at both, that would be pretty awesome. Someone could tell you what’s going to happen, and then how to deal with it.

Of course, that person would probably be able to afford a better space than a random walkup spot near Chelsea.

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