So this is Madison: Old, new and memory

As it turns out, there is actually a place called Madison, Wisconsin, and a university called the University of Wisconsin.

Of course, I knew that — otherwise, my wife Suzi, ESPN and a handful of others would have perpetuated a huge hoax — but until we got there today, it only existed in my wife talking about graduate school and many football and basketball games on TV.

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Finally, Chicago: Worth the wait

“You’re not coming back to Mass are you?”

My mate Gardner asked me that on Facebook after seeing the photos I took at the Chicago Sports Museum, but yes, barring anything unexpected, my wife and I will be back home in Massachusetts Saturday.

Our house, cat, families and jobs are there, so we’re not going to pick up stakes and start over in Chicago, but I did give him the cheap answer that it’s “my kind of town.”

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Finally, Chicago: At the end of the day

It was a varied crowd at dinner tonight.

A couple of young women were having drinks at the table next to ours, and older men in suits showed up for dinner.

At one table were a couple guys in Bears jerseys, while a few Seahawks fans were a couple tables away. (The Bears and Seahawks play tonight.)

Meanwhile, we sat back and watched the world go by — commuters and tourists alike.

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Finally, Chicago: It’s great to be a baseball fan

Wrigley Field is one of baseball’s crown jewels, and as such, if you’re a baseball fan, you should want to go there.

As my wife and I were planning our vacation to Chicago, I wanted to make sure it included a day the Cubs were playing at home so I could go. Today was that day.

The Cubs lost 2-1 to the Reds, but you can read about that in any number of places (like this one. And regarding the play in question, I was in line for ice cream and only saw it on TV.)

But going to any game is also the story of a day.

So here’s mine.

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