A little nightmare fuel

I believe it was the late racecar driver and announcer Buddy Baker who used to say “a wreck that missed” when drivers narrowly avoided an accident.

There are wrecks that miss … and then there are wrecks that miss.

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Screwing up my own revenge

Who doesn’t have someone from their past, or present, that they can’t stand?

Maybe it’s the high school or college classmate who was a bully.

Maybe it’s the obnoxious boss who made work a nightmare.

Maybe it’s someone who was a friend before a falling-out.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get revenge on them, somehow?

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I’m not always ‘smart,’ even if the technology is

Because I have no desire to be Dead Employee Walking, I’ve been working at home since last week.

It has been good to be away from the office, but it can get lonesome at times, so I’ve been playing music or radio shows to keep myself company.

My phone is connected to the Amazon Echo in the kitchen, so I just choose what I want to listen to, turn on the Bluetooth to hook up the speaker and let it play.

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Only I can make the rain stop

Have you ever had to go outside into the pouring rain to do whatever it was you were going to do next?

You wait and you wait and you wait for as long as you can, but the rain isn’t going to stop or even slow down and eventually you just have go out there and take your soaking.

As I wrote this, it was sunny and gorgeous outside, with mild temperatures and the hint of a breeze.

But I’m still going to have to go out in a downpour.

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