The February warmth … it is so fleeting

Even for me, who thinks four-seasons worship is hooey at best, the last two days have been a bit much.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ll absolutely take 70-plus degrees in February, especially since the average high in Boston typically doesn’t hit 70 until the end of May.

Still, it’s a bit much. Continue reading “The February warmth … it is so fleeting”


Baseball has always been there

Where did I first fall in love with baseball? When?

I couldn’t tell you on the “when,” other than “as long as I can remember.” My father was president of the local Little League when I was a small child, and I think there’s a picture of me with my then-baby brother at the field. Continue reading “Baseball has always been there”

Sports don’t always give us what we want

America loves a good redemption story, and there was one teed up for anyone watching NBC around 11 last night.

We all know the first act of Lindsey Jacobellis’ story, and for those of us who didn’t, or didn’t remember, we were going to be reminded of it. Continue reading “Sports don’t always give us what we want”

The best thing I read on Valentine’s Day

“I suppose all I’m saying is that I have recently learned that our youthful patterns do not have to cripple us forever. Sometimes, our curses can be broken. Sometimes, we learn to make the gnocchi.”

Rebecca Traister is a favorite of mine, so links to her articles are pretty much always a must-read.

But I wasn’t expecting a 10-year-old Valentine’s Day piece to be the type of writing that makes me feel like my life is better for having read it. Continue reading “The best thing I read on Valentine’s Day”

Good customer service actually happens. Who knew?

My wife is such a fan of Boden clothing that I thought her frequent online orders might have merited us a limo and perhaps a lesser royal or local OBE to greet us when we went to an actual store during our trip to London.

Alas, it was not to be, and she shopped while I enjoyed the comfortable chair and stout WiFi, important when you’re waiting for the shopping to be done. (Boden has plenty of nice men’s clothing; I just already have more clothes in my closet than I can wear.) Continue reading “Good customer service actually happens. Who knew?”

Sometimes you see the midway, sometimes you see Parliament

As my wife and I walked out of lunch yesterday, we walked past a group having a conversation about the London Eye.

Someone referred to it as a “Ferris wheel,” and someone else called it a “big Ferris wheel.” Chuckling ensued. Continue reading “Sometimes you see the midway, sometimes you see Parliament”

The men on the baseball field

At some point this spring or summer, after somewhere between three and four hours of baseball, a Yankees-Red Sox game is going to come down to the ninth inning — mostly because that always seems to happen.

Craig Kimbrel will be on the mound for the Red Sox, and Giancarlo Stanton will be at  bat for the Yankees.

I’ll be at home, the game on TV, doing some combination of sitting on the edge of my couch/pacing around the room/standing and staring/whatever seems to be lucky or not unlucky. Continue reading “The men on the baseball field”

Edinburgh Excursions: The other side of the bridge

During our entire time in Edinburgh, we’ve been in the Old Town, so we walked across the bridge today to the New Town.

What we saw looked like … a modern city with some older elements. Continue reading “Edinburgh Excursions: The other side of the bridge”

Edinburgh Excursions: Walking a Royal Mile

At the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the road running through Old Town Edinburgh, is Edinburgh Castle, which includes the Scottish Crown Jewels, the Scottish War Memorial, the Stone of Destiny and one really big cannon. Continue reading “Edinburgh Excursions: Walking a Royal Mile”

London Travels: On to Edinburgh

My wife and I will always want to be in London.

It’s too charming, too beautiful, too much fun. There’s so much energy radiating even if you’re just walking around.

However, after three visits in five years, the question is what reason we may have to come back to London. Continue reading “London Travels: On to Edinburgh”