Doughnuts, someone who looks very familiar … and highlights: Jan. 16

I never got to bring the doughnuts.

During my unemployment, I attended a networking group where if someone got a new job — “landed” in the parlance — he or she brought doughnuts for the group.

So naturally, I hoped that one Friday, it would be me providing the doughnuts, but by the time I finally got a job, the pandemic-induced offshoot of the group was still meeting online, so I just made a comment about giving everyone virtual doughnuts.

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The week gone by — Jan. 9

They should have been thrown away years ago — two pairs of socks with holes that make them impossible to wear.

However, the reason why they’re still in my dresser instead of being long retired is that they still have one use.

I wear them — turned so that the part without holes is on the bottom — in my boots when I clear snow.

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The week gone by — Dec. 19

Italian bishop or not, I have no idea where this guy is getting his info from, because I’ve seen Santa Claus twice lately.

First, he was at the Christmas light display in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, just walking around and admiring the lights like the rest of us during what I assume was a break from his regular duties.

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The week gone by — Dec. 12

I saw the snow outside the window and realized this would probably be the day.

It had started snowing a little bit, nothing too terrible, when I left work the day before, and we had gotten some overnight at my house.

It probably wasn’t more than an inch in either place, but it would be the first chance to find out more about my new commute.

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The week gone by — Dec. 5

It was a room that had probably heard a million stories, and more than a few lies.

At least that’s what I assume. I’ve never been to an Elks meeting — although the local chapter sponsored a team when I played Little League — but those are the kind of things that happen when folks get together socially.

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The week gone by — Nov. 28

The sound the alarm clock makes in the morning is called “orca.”

I have no idea why. I have no idea if it’s what an orca sounds like … given that I have no idea what an orca sounds like.

OK, fine, whatever — it goes off, I roll over for a moment and then get out of bed.

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The week gone by — Nov. 14

I think we can all agree that if you’re going to read magazines about royalty that you see in suburban big-box bookstores, you should be sure to read a “quality” one.

And I’m sure they’d tell you that “OK!” and “Hello!” are nothing but swill.

After all, life is too short for second-rate royal puffery.

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The week gone by — Nov. 7

“What is it about people who eat ice cream all year?”

Suzi asked this as we were enjoying our Friday ice creams. Most of the establishments we went to this summer have closed for the season, but there are still places we can go, and I’m perfectly willing to keep it up.

Although I must say that I don’t know why we sat outside, especially on those metal chairs.

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