The week gone by — July 25

“I found your secret Twitter account.”

I was taken slightly aback when Suzi said that, because while I have multiple Twitter accounts so I can keep general news, sports and my writing separate, she knows about each of them.

So I didn’t know why she was claiming to have pulled an Ashley Feinberg.

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The week gone by — July 18

I slept through it, but Suzi said our cat Sasha was very anxious for her to get up the other morning.

When she saw the mouse on the floor of our dining room, she realized why Sasha had been so insistent.

She must have gotten it overnight, since we hadn’t heard anything before we went to bed.

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The week gone by — July 11

When the Yankees were playing terribly recently, I decided I had to step away for a bit.

It’s not like I was going to choose a new team — even though I live in Massachusetts, I won’t root for the Red Sox if you put a gun to my head — or not check to see if they won each night, but I just wasn’t going to watch for a spell.

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The week gone by — June 27

I wasn’t in a great mood.

Part of it was for reasons, but part of it was my brain clearly decided it was going to get up on the metaphorical wrong side of the bed.

It’s a good thing my cat Sasha can’t mirror my moods like my friend Lisa’s cat apparently can, because she’d be one moody, confused cat.

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The week gone by — June 20

They said the perfect Father’s Day card didn’t exist …

… but they were wrong.

Actually, I have no idea who “they” are, or whether these mysterious arbiters have weighed in on the relative quality or appropriateness of Father’s Day cards, but I have found the perfect one.

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The week gone by — June 13

After golf in the morning, I played pickleball in the afternoon.

I was feeling it afterward, especially since an ill-placed clump of sand caused me to tumble into a tennis net.

Fortunately, I managed to not do the splits as I fell, and the twinge from twisting my back was temporary, so the difficulty walking up and down the stairs was just general soreness, not an injury.

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The week gone by — June 6

The night before my birthday, Suzi and I went out to dinner with my parents.

Massachusetts had lifted its restrictions that day, and when I called ahead for seating, I found out that fully vaccinated people (which we all were) didn’t have to wear masks.

I was giddy.

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The week gone by — May 30

I assume that the point of turning 49 is the same as turning 9, 19, 29 or 39 … or 59, 69, 79 and so on.

It’s the last one before the next one.

Of course, when the next one comes next year, they’ll be throwing parades in my honor. (That’s what I tell myself, anyway, although the actual reason is far more important, since it’s Memorial Day.)

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The week gone by — May 23

I almost missed the boat.

For the third time, Suzi and I are taking part in a 5K fundraiser for a local school that serves students with autism, and unlike last year, we’d be able to do it in person and not virtually by walking around the neighborhood.

Except my “I’ll sign us up for it when I think about it” turned into “They could only have so many people in person, and they already reached their limit, so we’d have to do it virtually again.”

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