We should all scream for this: Sept. 25

We can all probably think of some question or issue where if we ask 10 people about it, we’d get 11 different opinions.

But I have stumbled across something that I think everyone, regardless of their stances on any other issue, can agree on.

Everyone should get an ice cream truck for their birthday.

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Football in the morning: Sept. 18

This was the time to hang back, let them walk ahead.

So Mix and I dawdled a bit, letting his daughter have a few minutes with her boyfriend after his football game. She rejoined us after he went to the locker room.

She’s a great kid, and while I’ve only met him once, when we all got together on my birthday, from what I understand his approval ratings are very high.

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Ahhhh … : Sept. 4

Hey, I remembered that guy.

That’s not something you usually say about minor-league baseball players, but the name of Buffalo’s first baseman against Worcester rang a bell.

Granted, LJ Talley jogged my memory because last year in New Hampshire, his name looked like U Talley on the scoreboard, setting off a discussion thread between Suzi and me that included, among others, a former head of the United Nations.

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Twice as … whatever: Aug. 28

There’s a scene in “The Social Network” — liked it well enough, but was surprised to read it was only two hours, because it felt a LOT longer — where Armie Hammer’s Tyler Winklevoss dismisses the thought of hiring someone to beat up Mark Zuckerberg by saying, “I’m 6’5″, 220, and there’s two of me.”

I wonder what would have happened if the Winklevii (that would be Tyler and his twin brother Cameron) had ultimately run what is now Facebook.

Or if there were two Zuckerburgs. (Shudder.)

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I got nuthin’: Aug 21

If it weren’t Sunday, and this is what I do for Sundays, I probably wouldn’t have written this.

I was busy all week, and nothing caught my attention enough to write about it. That kind of writer’s block happens to me a lot, but I can usually scare up something for Sunday, but not this week.

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Oh, that happened: Aug 14

I saw on Facebook Memories that I got laid off three years ago.

I certainly remember that day — two days after I got back from vacation, being so stunned I could barely talk, still having to work for the next two weeks but not going into the office until I had to turn in my equipment.

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All I want: July 15

Just like I predicted, we’re almost there.

Plane tickets and hotel reservations for Switzerland have been made. Itineraries have been developed. The weather’s looking good, nice and warm all week.

I got my pre-vacation haircut, which I needed, anyway.

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Yes, I had fun: July 10

I was having a great time.

No, really, I was.

I know it probably didn’t look that way, not when you were dancing and singing to Maren Morris up on stage and taking selfies with each other while I mostly stood there, tapping my feet in time to the music.

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A balloon fades: July 3

The balloons Mix and his family got for my birthday must have had the high-octane helium, because weeks afterward, they were still up against the ceiling.

They were in the kitchen, but when warmer weather brought open windows and ceiling fans, Suzi moved them to the living room.

And there they floated. One of them is still there, but the other started to lose its strength.

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Just be what you are: June 26

Whatever the “hydrating beauty bars” were, I assumed they must be Suzi’s as I reached around them to grab a lens wipe for my glasses.

Other than something called Verb that shows up at our door every so often — I’m guessing it has the market just about cornered on part-of-speech-based hair products — I don’t pay much attention to what she uses in the shower.

As for me, I’m a simple man. I use basic shampoo and soap.

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