Just be what you are: June 26

Whatever the “hydrating beauty bars” were, I assumed they must be Suzi’s as I reached around them to grab a lens wipe for my glasses.

Other than something called Verb that shows up at our door every so often — I’m guessing it has the market just about cornered on part-of-speech-based hair products — I don’t pay much attention to what she uses in the shower.

As for me, I’m a simple man. I use basic shampoo and soap.

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Twitter travelogue: June 19

Let’s see how many of these I’ve done.

Oh yes, definitely that one … two … three … uh, yeah … five … six …

… seven … eight …nine … 10 … 11 … 12 …

… 13 … 14 … 15 … 16 … 17.

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Switzerland, here we come! (Not now, but soon): June 12

I don’t believe in the power of positive thinking, and the less I say about “manifesting,” the better off we’ll all be.

So when Suzi and I decided that this probably wasn’t the year to go to Switzerland, neither of us were completely happy, but that was how it was going to be.

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Kids these days have it so good: June 5

As a member of Generation X who has imposter syndrome and was a latchkey kid, an article about all of those things is going to get my attention.

I’m generally not one to go for generalizations about my generation (or others for the most part), but this was absolutely spot-on.

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I have documents, therefore I am: May 22

I renewed my driver’s license, ensuring that I can drive legally for the next five years and avoiding a potential awkward travel moment.

It was easy enough. I have no idea where the nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles office is, but the AAA in town also handles license renewals and is open on the weekend, so I made the first appointment and was in and out in less than 15 minutes.

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Going out to eat out: May 15

The TVs above the bar were all showing the Bruins game.

What looked to be a family of six included two boys in baseball uniforms, so it’s pretty obvious where they were coming from.

Between people eating outside to enjoy the warm weather — even if the view was of the Market Basket grocery store parking lot — and the fact it was 5:30 (we had a basketball game we wanted to watch at 7), there weren’t all that many people inside.

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An early ‘birthday present’: May 8

“Welcome to the ‘50’s Club.’”

First of all, “50’s” is grammatically incorrect (pedants gonna pedant), but more importantly, slow your roll, AARP.

Not that I’m dreading turning 50, other than the thought of being 50 just seems weird, but I still have a few weeks left of being in my 40s, so there’s no need to rush it.

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Finally: May 1

Our unexpectedly glorious Oregon vacation — from Portland to Crater Lake, Bend to Ashland to Gleneden Beach, mountains and beaches, baseball and Shakespeare — was over.

We made the long drive back to from where we had started in Portland, went to the airport, got on a plane and flew home to Boston.

The end of a vacation is always disappointing, but surely there would be another vacation, another flight, if not later that year — it was only the end of June, after all — then fairly early the next.

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Sometimes, you need a Guy: April 24

It was one thing for Suzi to nurse a wonky washing machine that would randomly refill in the middle of a cycle for no reason at all.

But when the dryer conked out, it was time to look for replacements. Once the company we bought them from found a driver — our original drop-off was canceled because they didn’t have anyone — the workmen moved the old washer and dryer out, brought the new one in …

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Soup, and all the other gifts: April 17

“Gift” … that was the word she used.

Suzi and I went to a Passover Seder at our friends’ house, and even though we’re not Jewish, we partook in traditions both standard — the rituals surrounding the reading — and particular to our gathering, namely jokes about having enough food to feed a small army and my lusting after the chicken matzo ball soup.

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