A good day to stay inside

Suzi was playing the local classical music station; that was the noise I heard from the other room.

Neither of us are big listeners of classical music, but as a promo for the station said, it was kind of an oasis.

After all, the music was soothing, and no one was yelling.

And there was no news.

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The week gone by — March 29

Remember the man who long ago — and by “long ago,” I mean “five weeks ago,” because … 2020 — captivated an entire nation?

This man, an icon for our time, wouldn’t tell a reporter his name because he didn’t want his wife to know he owned a boat.

OK, so maybe “icon” is too strong a word, and “captivated an entire nation” may be better said as “amused everyone who read the story,” but it did lead to a question from Suzi the other day …

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Treasures in the basement

Time has not yet begun, not without Opening Day, and we don’t know when it will.

And with the exception of those praying for more time for themselves or their loved ones and the heroes racing to save the lives of others, most of us seem to be losing all sense of time in a month that feels like it may never end.

But even if baseball is way down the list of what’s important, it’s still the (hopefully temporary) loss of a constant companion.

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Not crazy about ‘classic’

From March 20, 2017.

Today, I saw “Groundhog Day” listed as a “classic” movie.

I think I saw it once, and don’t remember hating it, so calling it a “classic” in that sense didn’t bother me, especially since AMC long since rendered “American” “movie” and “classics” as negotiable terms.

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What will the path look like?

Suzi wanted to try a new walk.

We already have five of varying lengths that we choose from, but instead of taking the usual short spur of the rail trail near our house, she suggested going in the other direction.

The trail is more than 8 miles long and passes through several towns, and it has been in the back of my mind to explore more of it someday, probably if and when I ever get my bike back on the road.

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Tales from a world gone weird

Suzi came back from a trip to the store with supplies that included milk and Nutella — the latter of which we’re sure is going to be currency if and when the apocalypse comes — and a proclamation that she was going to send me out for errands from now on.

Not because she hates doing them, and definitely not because I’m better at them … but because she said there’s so much material out there for writing.

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The week gone by — March 22

Except for the counter where employees were handing out orders, the entire restaurant was dark.

I asked the woman behind the counter what it was like working in basically an empty building. She said it was kind of creepy.

No surprise there.

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Who you calling ‘elderly’?

I don’t watch a ton of news, but I have been checking in on the story that has millions of people filled with dread about the future …

Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots.

Seriously, I’m obviously talking about coronavirus (even in New England, Brady shares top billing at best) and I saw something the other day that left me disturbed.

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Stepping out into the world

Seven cars … Suzi counted them.

Normally, the parking lot at the train station near our house is full by 8 a.m., but there was just us, the seven cars and a woman pushing a stroller.

I didn’t say anything, but she realized I noticed her passenger.

”Elderly dog,” she said.

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Vending machine lament

I was feeling a little goofy when I posted this one May 11, 2017.

Peanut M&M’s: “WTF, man! I get that the Doritos and Pop-Tarts are gone …”

Plain M&M’s: “… but those faux-Doritos that taste like paper and are hidden behind the real ones …”

Peanut M&M’s: “… exactly, but people took all the granola bars. Seriously, who goes to an office vending machine and thinks, ‘You know what I’ll get? A granola bar.’”

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