Two types of people … and one of them is nuts

If memory serves, the man showed up at the baggage check-in at T.F. Green Airport in Providence.

I think my wife and I were going to Los Angeles — Ontario, to be technical, since that was where Southwest flew — by way of Las Vegas.

Seeing the line, he was asking if someone would help him get to the front faster … as he had just gotten there, an hour before his flight.

I had exactly zero sympathy.

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Forty-seven thoughts for 47 years

My blog buddy Rosie turns 26 tomorrow, and for the occasion, she wrote a blog post about 25 things she has learned in her first 25 years.

I have 21 years and one day on her (I found out recently my birthday is the day before hers), but I figured I’d spell out some thoughts from my first 47 years on this side of the grass.

Some will be things I’ve learned. Some will be opinion. You may disagree with the opinions, but remember this bonus pearl of wisdom I’m about to share …

… I’m always right. (Smile)

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Getting started with folding futons and basic pots

What is basically our backup pot — used when our regular pot for boiling potatoes or pasta is dirty or otherwise unavailable — is what I used for making spaghetti back in my single days.

I don’t remember if I got it and a pair of smaller pots at the local Salvation Army store, a friend of my mother’s or the neighbor’s lawn sale, but they were inexpensive and served the basic purpose of giving me something to cook in so I could feed myself.

Basically, one big pot, a couple small ones, a frying pan and a microwave were enough to meet all my dining needs.

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There are awful people in every generation … really

“Did you get the letter?”

“Did you READ it?”

This, to a student who had missed a mandatory meeting that was cleverly called the “mandatory meeting” and was now complaining she couldn’t get what she wanted … because she hadn’t read what you were supposed to do if you missed the mandatory meeting.

I’m guessing she was a college sophomore, so she was probably 19, maybe 20. I chalked it up as another on the list of what “kids these days” do.

I, who was all of 23.

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History after dinner

“You want to go for a ride?”

Sounded like a good idea to me. My wife and I had just left dinner at the local Italian restaurant, but it was still early, the sun was out and the weather was pleasant. The alternative would have been to just go home, and that would have been a waste.

I had no idea until she then asked, “Have you ever been to Old North Bridge?”

I had not.

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A list of concerts, just for me? That’s sweet

When I ordered tickets for my wife and I to see Maren Morris this fall, I apparently made a new friend at Live Nation.

We’ve only just met, but my amazing new pal — I believe his name is Al Gorithm — claims to know me so well that he emailed me a “personalized concert lineup” with shows just for me! Not anyone else … me!

Granted, if he really knew me he’d call, text or send me direct messages on Facebook or Twitter instead of email, but I appreciate a guy who looks out for me.

So how did he do?

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What is that strange color above?

My wife texted me about it.

One of my coworkers took a selfie to send to her husband.

Forget the nothingburger eclipse of a couple years ago; this should have been the lead story on all the local newscasts, for it was a meteorological miracle.

The sun actually came out.

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