Hidden on the ground

The sun, sky and setting combined to set the scene in that perfect, just-before-sunset kind of way.

Given a choice of going to the gym or walking outside, Suzi and I figured that since it was reasonably warm and there was at least a little light left, we’d hit the walking trail near our house.

We weren’t the only ones thinking the same thing, as we passed multiple fellow flashlight-carriers.

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Getaway in Toronto: Thank you, Toronto

No, I don’t know how it got to be 13 years.

After all, I have always enjoyed your company.

But one thing leads to another, and then another, and then all of a sudden it’s “I haven’t seen Toronto since 2009!?!?!?”

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Getaway in Toronto: Happy accidents

“You want a picture with the artist?”

Sure, why not? I’m sure most of the people who see the decorated blue bike outside the art gallery stop to take a photo, but I can’t imagine she’s there for all of them.

I asked her name. She said Allie. Or maybe it’s Ally. Or Aly. I didn’t ask her to spell it.

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Getaway in Toronto: Extinction-level event

There are certain things that I’ve liked as long as I can remember — spaghetti, the Yankees — but I can’t remember when I started liking them.

However, I can tell you it was Mrs. Henderson’s first-grade class when I started thinking dinosaurs were cool.

It’s not like I’ve studied dinosaurs since then, nor have I ever seen any of the “Jurassic Park” movies, but when Suzi looks at the map at the Royal Ontario Museum and asks if I want to see the dinosaurs, this 50-year-old may as well be 6 again.

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Going Swiss*: Another lesson

* I’ve actually been home from Switzerland for a week, because, unfortunately, vacations are things you have to come back from. However, I had a few more thoughts about the trip, and am finally trying to turn them into words.

One last boat ride, this time in Luzern.

One last time to not just take in the glorious lake and Alps from a distance or inside a train car, or even walking around, but to be among them, surrounded by them.

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Going Swiss: This actually happened!

We knew rain was coming, so Suzi and I decided to do our walking in the morning and stay close to the hotel in the afternoon.

After a little bit of shopping between raindrops, we were headed back to our room when we heard a sound in the distance.

We knew there was no choice … we had to investigate.

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Going Swiss: We have reached the Alps

When I told people we were going to Switzerland, the main question I got was “Are you going to the Alps?”

And when people weren’t asking, they were saying, “You’ve got to go to the Alps!”

Well, yes, we were going to the Alps, I would respond, but later in the trip, after we go to Zurich and Lausanne.

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Going Swiss: 20 years on

Bolognese, ice cream and gazing upon Lake Geneva and the Alps just across the French border.

The boat trip that morning had been enjoyable, Chillon Castle interesting (if a bit maze-like), the couple-mile walk to Montreux to see the Freddie Mercury statute … fine, but possibly unnecessary as hot and as tired as it made us … but bolognese, ice cream, the lake and the mountains were the ideal way for Suzi and I to wrap up our 20th anniversary.

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