The name of that place is … what?

I ran to pick up my phone, even though 99 times out of 100, if it’s not Sunday night at 7, it’s a junk call.

It not being Sunday night at 7, it was a junk call.

But the location on the caller ID got my attention.

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Crossing the border

“Discover Beautiful Rhode Island,” the sign said.

Having lived in Massachusetts since early 2003, Rhode Island being beautiful isn’t exactly something we had to “discover,” as it’s less than two hours away and we’ve been there numerous times.

Newport has been a regular Christmas Eve site, and last year, we made sure to get there early so we could enjoy the Cliff Walk.

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We all have our moments

I like to think I’m a good person most of the time: polite, well-mannered, pleasant and respectful of others.

But sometimes, I’m just not having it, where I really just don’t care if you think I’m a good person or horrible.

Standing in a torrential downpour that has soaked all the way through my jeans, shoes and socks is one of those times.

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Getting away … even when you can’t

The mornings and evenings, and even some of the days, are starting to get cooler.

Long-sleeve shirts, jeans, hoodies and sweats are starting to appear again, pulled off shelves and hangers for the first time in months.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, because it’s September, and September’s going to September.

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Waiting to go home

Ten years ago, I went to Canandaigua, New York, to spend a few days in one of our company’s offices as part of a management-training program.

I enjoyed my time there. Everyone was friendly. The work was interesting, and the town was lovely in the evening.

Plus, they took me to lunch at the Wegmans food court, which may well have been life-changing.

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Moments of pessimism

I knew the answer to “What will it take for airlines to persuade us to fly?” was going to be “right now, nothing,” but I read the article, anyway.

I’m sure airlines and airports are trying to make things as safe as possible — although I could do without selling middle seats — but it’s still going to be a while, and not just because anywhere I’d want to go is either off-limits or a hotspot.

Still, I had a bit of a moment.

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Florida before “Florida Man”

Florida may be the world headquarters for truly weird stories, but it’s also the place where my love of travel was first formed, as I talk about this week.

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Bad news out of Nashville

Neither Suzi nor I are big partiers, but we agreed when we went to Nashville that downtown looked like a really good time.

Even if we found the pedal taverns — yes, bars on wheels that groups of people cycle on the street — a little odd.

But now it looks like that party scene downtown is a major source of the city’s coronavirus spike. Outbreaks are bad no matter where they are, but I hate hearing that about Nashville, because we had so much fun there.