Going ‘crazy’

From the time Suzi first told me about her idea, she said it was crazy.

Her birthday is at the end of January, and her idea is to see Adele in Las Vegas.

The crazy part isn’t the thought of seeing Adele — she has wanted to for years, and I certainly won’t object — or even the ticket prices. Yes, the ticket prices are crazy (although my father pointed out they’re not nearly as crazy as Super Bowl tickets), but if you’re going to do something like this, it’s in for a penny, in for many, many pounds.

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Turkey time: Nov. 20

The other day, work took me to a place where local seniors were being treated to a Thanksgiving meal.

As I was taking care of my business, one of the people working the event let me know there was a to-go container for me outside.

It was very nice, but completely unnecessary, so I told her I really didn’t need it. She repeated herself, in a way that made clear turning it down would not be an option.

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Keeping an open mind: Nov. 13

I heard the Christmas music, a bit early for my taste, but didn’t pay it any mind otherwise.

Not that I’m bringing back the Holiday Creep amnesty, but whether it’s because I’ve had other things on my mind or I’ve found myself looking forward to the start of this year’s Suzi’s Wonderful Christmas, I just haven’t gotten worked up about it.

Don’t get me wrong … I’m still not partaking yet. My evening drink of choice is still apple cider and not egg nog, and I am definitely not even contemplating organizing my Christmas shopping like Becky does.

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Taking advantage: Nov. 6

I had been out playing pickleball — meaning my heel was going to be in a world of hurt within a couple hours — but I figured Suzi would want to get out in the ridiculously good weather for early November.

However, she had another idea.

A picnic.

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