Family issues over lunch

The scene at the Portsmouth Gas Light was reminiscent of the rap battles between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in “Hamilton” …

… except that it was in a restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire …

… and they weren’t rapping. Continue reading “Family issues over lunch”


The bridge on the other side

Right before you turn left to go up the hill toward my house, there’s a spot where there’s a nice view between the tree branches of the Assabet River.

When I looked recently, I noticed there was a bridge on the other side.

What was it for? Where did it lead? Continue reading “The bridge on the other side”

Ryan Leaf was … 20 years ago?

I once went to an event where a Denver Broncos player was coming back to his hometown.

He didn’t have much of a career, and until I looked it up, I forgotten his name (David Gamble), but he was on the Super Bowl winners and that was cool, even though I’ve never liked the Broncos, Orange Force One aside.

When I had a chance to say hello to him, I had one request … go easy on Ryan Leaf. Continue reading “Ryan Leaf was … 20 years ago?”

Do cats know it’s their birthday?

Sometime in the period this morning between starting to wake up because going to bed early doesn’t help when your body is trained to only sleep about seven hours and when the alarm went off at 5:15 a.m., my cat Sasha climbed on me.

This was odd for a couple reasons. Continue reading “Do cats know it’s their birthday?”

Winter is going to end soon … right?

“Don’t look outside,” my wife yelled from upstairs as I ate breakfast and read the newspaper this morning, therefore, of course, ensuring I would do just that.

And when I turned my head to the right, there were giant snowflakes falling on my front lawn.

Continue reading “Winter is going to end soon … right?”

Bill Engvall was a prophet

Ever since I saw the sign in a men’s room in Edinburgh, I’ve been wondering why people would stand on a toilet and what terrible thing happened that led to a sign specifically saying not to do it.

And then there’s a sign in the men’s room where I work.

Continue reading “Bill Engvall was a prophet”

This weather just keeps getting weirder and weirder

Here I was thinking that being fogged in at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport last year was odd.

And to think I once imagined the scariest thing about CN Tower was the glass portion of the floor, no matter how many rhinos they say it could hold.

But that’s nothing compared to ice falling off CN Tower and punching a hole in the roof of Rogers Centre. Continue reading “This weather just keeps getting weirder and weirder”