The week gone by — Nov. 29

It will probably be annoying by the 50th time I hear it, but it was nice to have the season’s first playing of Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad” the other day.

Even though I gave an amnesty for anyone who wanted to get their Christmas on early this year — because … 2020 — we stuck to our standard of waiting until after Thanksgiving.

However, the Christmas music went on not long after Thanksgiving dinner.

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What you see may not be what you get

Whenever we go to New York City, we typically splurge on one dinner at a nice restaurant, usually the night we’re going to see a show.

So it was during one of these dinners that we encountered a man at a nearby table holding court with people sitting near him.

It didn’t even require strategic overhearing to hear this guy’s thoughts — and oh … he had thoughts — because I’m pretty sure people in Central Park could hear him pontificating.

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The week gone by — Nov. 22

Between $950,000 and $1 million can get you a pretty nice place in some of the tonier neighborhoods near where I live.

But if you’re willing to move to roughly the middle of nowhere in Colorado, you can get a house on a 300-acre ranch, three single-family cabins, a church and dance hall for $985,000

And that gave Kelsey McKinney of Defector an idea.

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Optimism is good … but I’m not optimistic

This week, I’m talking about an auction that expressed a great deal of optimism, and how I’m not very optimistic at all, even though I know I should be.

(Even if you don’t like the politics behind this piece, the paragraph about bracing yourself for a fall is still good advice.)

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Getting lost in the albums

We’ve done Christmas music. We’ve done travel. We’ve done our “wild younger days,” and now I’ve joined up with my pal Renata from Buffalo Sauce Everywhere to write about our favorite albums. Be sure to read her post here.

I’m not “Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?” young, but the band people my parents’ age knew as Jefferson Airplane or Jefferson Starship was just called Starship by the time I first heard of them.

And that’s due to one album … “Knee Deep in the Hoopla.”

Specifically, the song “We Built This City.”

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Little things that mean a lot when traveling

I once had pancakes in the Shannon Airport.

They weren’t diner-quality, nor what Suzi makes on our griddle at home — even though she doesn’t think hers are very good — but they were perfectly fine.

And since that an early morning flight from Ireland to Boston and the time-zone change it entailed were probably going to wreak havoc on my eating schedule, I can appreciate that they were more filling than whatever I would have otherwise picked up at the coffee shop.

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The week gone by — Nov. 15

I wanted to watch something, probably a NASCAR race, that Suzi wasn’t interested in, so I went into the other room.

When it was over, Suzi had something I didn’t recognize on the living room TV.

”What are you watching?” I asked.

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When stuff becomes ‘normal’

There are still big things, the things that are still a bit of a jolt when they happen.

Like having to sign up for a time to go to the museum.

Like being in a museum for the first time since … since … since …? <<Tries to shuffle files in brain from the Before Times, finds nothing.>>

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