Sometimes, you need a Guy: April 24

It was one thing for Suzi to nurse a wonky washing machine that would randomly refill in the middle of a cycle for no reason at all.

But when the dryer conked out, it was time to look for replacements. Once the company we bought them from found a driver — our original drop-off was canceled because they didn’t have anyone — the workmen moved the old washer and dryer out, brought the new one in …

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What was it thinking?

Because I like to give human characteristics to animals, insects, even cars, I was trying to imagine what the squirrel — or maybe it was a chipmunk, I can never remember the difference — sitting on the railing of my deck was thinking.

Was it gazing over my yard like a ruler admiring its kingdom? Was it trying to remain safe on the high ground, surveying the scene for hazards like dogs and cars or competitors like rabbits?

Was it waiting for its friends to show up? Was it early? Were they late?

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Soup, and all the other gifts: April 17

“Gift” … that was the word she used.

Suzi and I went to a Passover Seder at our friends’ house, and even though we’re not Jewish, we partook in traditions both standard — the rituals surrounding the reading — and particular to our gathering, namely jokes about having enough food to feed a small army and my lusting after the chicken matzo ball soup.

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Aging gracefully … at least sometimes: April 10

This is a story about a duck.

Actually, it’s not, but a duck is part of the story … just not until later.

Instead, it’s a story about our blue, 17-year-old Honda Civic, a car that’s like an aging athlete who was once a star, but becomes a role player and adds a few more years to the career.

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Sunset walk

I was upstairs, changing my top because I had gotten the sleeve wet while loading the dishwasher after dinner, when I looked out the bedroom window and saw someone on a bike.

And in that moment, I had a surprising case of FOMO. Sure it was after 7, but it was still light out, and fairly warm. Plus the idea of an after-work walk isn’t that odd, and I could use the fresh air, so why was he out there and I inside?

Sure, my attire — the in-between clothing I lounge around the house in before eventually putting on pajamas — wasn’t suited for being outside, but it was nothing throwing pair of sweats and a hoodie on top wouldn’t cure.

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Getting acquainted: April 3

Listening to a new album is like meeting a new person.

The first impression could be good or bad, but you don’t really know either the person or the music, whether it’s a “nice to meet you” and quick conversation or listening from your desk while it plays over the speaker in the next room.

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