Maybe I’m not as ready as I thought

I woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed … and pretty much stayed there all day.

Our regular Wednesday trail walk did a little for my mood — when I wasn’t rolling up my sleeves and then pushing them down because I was alternately too hot or too cold — but it didn’t last very long.

I was moody, crabby, irritable, cranky … whatever words you like for someone who’s just a pain to be around.

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The week gone by — April 25

It somehow slipped through the cracks that Sasha was out of her canned cat food, so I went to the store.

I made sure to get the sliced poultry and beef and not the pate, because she hates the pate.

They didn’t have the extra gravy that she likes, so I grabbed a 24-pack and noticed something interesting as I turned it over.

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A matter of respect

A man came jogging toward Suzi and me as we were walking a trail the other day.

Like we always do, we reached for our masks, but as he approached, he told us not to worry about it.

Although his mask was doing a wonderful impression of a chinstrap, his tone didn’t give off an anti-mask vibe, more that he’d be past us by the time we got them on.

Mine was up to my face by that point, so I just held it there.

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One shot down, one to go

Her name was Erin.

As Erin pulled the needle out of the box and put on her rubber gloves, I had the same thought as after the attendant pointed down the aisle toward her table, only more intensely.

”Oh wow … this is actually happening.”

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Maybe … that’s ‘normal’ in the distance

Looking at the beer list over our head — the one that started with “Get Maxxinated!” — Suzi said she found the one for me, which is interesting, since I don’t drink.

Passionately Sour.

After an excellent lunch of chicken schnitzel and mashed potatoes, I had my mask on since we were about to leave, but my mouth didn’t need to be visible for Suzi to see what I thought of her suggestion.

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The week gone by — April 18

Every spring, the buds start to appear on the branches of our magnolia tree before sprouting into full, pink-and-white blossoms above the deck, outside our upstairs bedroom window and over part of our lawn.

It’s not a small tree, so there’s a lot of pink and white.

And the other day, snow was hanging off the blossoms.

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Solutions wherever you can find them

The couch in our TV room is very important to me, especially the portion next to the end table.

No one else sits there. Every so often, our cat Sasha, who has claimed every other piece of furniture in the house and generally been allowed to get away with it, will give it a whirl if the sun is coming in just right, but if she even sees me coming, she bolts.

She knows better than to try me.

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The week gone by — April 11

The family was blocking the end of the footbridge — Mom and Dad, their little girl and I assume the grandparents.

Suzi and I hung back, masks on, waiting for them to move … when all of a sudden the little girl took off running down a trail.

The rest of the family followed. We went the other way.

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The waiting … oh, the waiting

I’m not saying I’m desperate, but am I going to have to go on a dating app to get what I’m looking for?

Granted, it’s going to be pretty tough to sell this to Suzi, but maybe she’ll have less of a problem with it if I say I’m looking for both of us.

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