Thoughts at the end of the year

Genius that I am, I had tossed the card onto the one spot of the log where the flames couldn’t reach it.

As I watched the fire flicker on either side of it, I knew that even though it wasn’t the sort of thing I go for, the whole point of the exercise was that the card would burn.

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Message in the cold

The sensation of stepping out into the cold is like being shaken by the shoulders, or slapped in the face.

Heat has it own sensation, actually two of them. It can be the feeling of skin and limbs coming back to life, but it can also be like the lead blanket on the torso when getting X-rays at the dentist office.

Rain and snow produce an almost involuntary shrugging of the shoulders and dropping the head, as if being smaller means being harder to hit.

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A royal mystery

I got an interesting Facebook message from Renee, one of my longest-suffering and best friends, the other day.

“I had a dream last night that Prince Harry had retweeted one of your tweets and called it out for being so profound … wish I could remember what you tweeted.”

This does raise a couple questions — and no, not “Why do you guys communicate by Facebook Messenger when you could text?” … It’s just what we do, OK? — even beyond why she’s dreaming about me and Prince Harry.

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Cool stuff and a COVID reminder

There was a left, and a right, then another left and another right … or maybe it was a right and a left, followed by another right and left … or perhaps there were consecutive lefts or rights in there somewhere.

But after all the lefts and rights, and passing through what looked like a staff lounge — the whole building had a 1970s elementary school vibe to it — we arrived at our destination.

Snow Village.

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RIP, paddle

It was a short, high ball, arcing toward my left shoulder.

Perfect opportunity … set the feet … cock the elbow behind me … wait, wait … lots of space … go for the spot, not the line … time to let it go … nice and easy … be sure to get on top of it.

There it is … no return … nice easy winner. Now get ready to serve with a chance to win the game.

Hold on … I’m pretty sure the handle isn’t supposed to do that.

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