Death, taxes, crappy trains and Kacey Musgraves: Jan. 30

It wasn’t going to be as meaningful as a first train ride to New York City or a flight anywhere will be, but Suzi and I were still going to be taking the train into Boston for the first time in two years — long enough for my pre-paid train card, which was never supposed to expire, to expire.

So it was going to mean … something.

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Now, now … have some ice cream: Jan. 23

The pain from getting my wisdom tooth out was mild. I didn’t even take any aspirin.

I wasn’t entirely sure that it would, but the bleeding did eventually stop.

But there was still one thing that had me cranky.

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This is where it happened

The expression “nothing much ever happens around here” is a bit of a misnomer.

Think about all the things you do any given day. Then multiply it by everybody, adding a few things for some people and subtracting for others.

Then, take that … and multiply it by every day.

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Doughnuts, someone who looks very familiar … and highlights: Jan. 16

I never got to bring the doughnuts.

During my unemployment, I attended a networking group where if someone got a new job — “landed” in the parlance — he or she brought doughnuts for the group.

So naturally, I hoped that one Friday, it would be me providing the doughnuts, but by the time I finally got a job, the pandemic-induced offshoot of the group was still meeting online, so I just made a comment about giving everyone virtual doughnuts.

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The week gone by — Jan. 9

They should have been thrown away years ago — two pairs of socks with holes that make them impossible to wear.

However, the reason why they’re still in my dresser instead of being long retired is that they still have one use.

I wear them — turned so that the part without holes is on the bottom — in my boots when I clear snow.

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How old do I feel?

I recently got my hair cut, and when she was done, the woman who cut my hair asked if I wanted anything else.

As a matter of fact, I did. Like the hair on top of my head, my eyebrows get a bit unruly between cuts, so I asked her to trim those.

And I asked her to do my ear hair.

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