Why is my phone ringing now?: March 27

No, no, no, no, no … I am not supposed to be getting calls from my parents on Wednesday morning.

But out of nowhere, my phone was ringing and their number was showing. I was so flummoxed, I got all fumble-fingered and hung up.

Meaning I had to call back.

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Making myself at (my old) home: March 20

My bedroom used to be my inner sanctum.

I had my own stereo, my own TV. When my parents got a new chair, I convinced them to let me put the old one in my room. Sure, it was old and pretty ratty, but I had my own chair!

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What a difference four years makes … or an hour

I’ve only ever seen the new production of “My Fair Lady,” meaning I only know the version — and its different ending — that I first saw at Lincoln Center in New York and recently saw again at The Bushnell in Hartford.

Seeing it a second time — meaning I obviously knew the ending — I wonder how it could have ever ended any other way.

Yes, I know … it was different in the 1950s.

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Am I getting dumber?: March 13

When Suzi and I first started dating — back in the days when the visits were every other weekend or so at her place in Connecticut or mine in New York — she told me she had been on a quiz show as a high-schooler.

And she had videotapes.

So of course I insisted on watching them. I was, of course, enthralled.

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Nice, happy stories: March 6

I’m not one to watch Christmas specials in the middle of February, but since America and Great Britain apparently signed a treaty banning any of their shows from showing up here until months later, that was when the season finale of “All Creatures Great and Small” aired.

There were a few moments of mild tension, as there always are, but they got solved, as they always do, and the crew had a happy Christmas.

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Lazy weekend

The love seat offers a great view of the clock, which is as handy a reference point as any while I stare aimlessly.

I’m in the living room because our cat Sasha wanted to play, and apparently I’m the only one who properly wields the stick with a toy mouse on the end of a string. She’s sleeping in her bed now.

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Leaving the luxury

Sometimes, being married comes with its own weird form of telepathy.

For example, knowing I’m a NASCAR, Suzi yelled from another room that I should check out the photos from the house Tony Stewart is selling for $30 million …

… when I had literally just finished doing exactly that.

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Yes, it’s weird … but I’m fine

It’s not often Suzi asks me if I’m feeling OK, unless I actually appear to be in distress — after all, she’s the one who convinced me to go to the doctor when I had my gall-bladder attack.

So things must have been really weird when she asked if there was something wrong with me, especially since I was completely fine.

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It’s March

If it weren’t for Suzi making bananas Foster — and telling me why she was making bananas Foster — I wouldn’t have had any idea that Mardi Gras is today.

To show how much I pay attention to such things, I thought it was early for Mardi Gras, when in reality it’s actually in February most of the time.

And I usually know when Easter is by someone pointing it out a couple weeks ahead of time.

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