Breaking down

Getting dressed to go to the gym, I grabbed a pair of shorts out of the drawer.

They were thick, gray sturdy athletic shorts that I’ve had forever … and I looked down to notice they had holes in a place you don’t want to have holes.

So much for those shorts. They certainly didn’t owe me anything.

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Hidden on the ground

The sun, sky and setting combined to set the scene in that perfect, just-before-sunset kind of way.

Given a choice of going to the gym or walking outside, Suzi and I figured that since it was reasonably warm and there was at least a little light left, we’d hit the walking trail near our house.

We weren’t the only ones thinking the same thing, as we passed multiple fellow flashlight-carriers.

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Minimalist marketing

Shortly before Christmas, Suzi and I went to see the display at Old Sturbridge Village.

There are places you imagine being an obvious field trip for elementary school students — where I grew up, it was The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown — and this was that place for central and western Massachusetts … probably northern and central Connecticut, too.

As for me, even though I’ve received dozens of work emails from OSV over the years, I had never been.

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