A lost connection

As I do every year at this time, I sent an email this morning wishing a friend a happy birthday.

Her birthday is easy enough to remember, given that it’s four days after my brother’s and exactly one month after mine. Otherwise, there’s no chance I’d remember.

The email didn’t bounce back, so she must have the same email address, and if she gets back to me, it’ll probably be our only conversation until I send an email a year from now. Continue reading “A lost connection”


Relationship status — traveling

A post on Rosie Culture uses an interesting term to describe not lingering so long on past travels that it keeps you from living in the here and now — “breaking up” with where you’ve been.

“I’ve said goodbye, for now, and visit the happy memories every once in a while. But I won’t spend time yearning for something that once was.”

But what if we looked at our travels like they were dates? What would that look like? (I should say these are my own opinions from my own trips. Your mileage may vary.) Continue reading “Relationship status — traveling”

I like baseball … because I like baseball

The first thing I liked about baseball was playing it.

That shouldn’t be much of a revelation, but reading an article in The Comeback about what some of its staff writers like about baseball actually made me think about it.

Not in the sense of “Yeah, why DO I like baseball?” but more in that it was never something I thought about because I just always have. Continue reading “I like baseball … because I like baseball”

Seven years ago, I went to Seau’s

When I woke up this morning, my Facebook Memories reminded me that seven years ago today, my wife and I went to Old Town San Diego, and also visited downtown and the waterfront.


Although I’m struggling with it having been seven years ago, it was fun, and San Diego as a whole is a beautiful city, but where we went to lunch that day was really a standout. Continue reading “Seven years ago, I went to Seau’s”

One dollar … hopefully the first of many

When I was growing up in upstate New York, going out to eat meant one of the local diners in Schoharie, the town where I went to school 15 minutes from my parents’ house.

The fast-food places were a few towns over, and for whatever reason, pizza places didn’t really stick. (I’m actually kind of surprised there’s a taco restaurant there now.)

For years, my Friday night dinner was hot turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes (instant) and chocolate milk. Continue reading “One dollar … hopefully the first of many”

Doing a little exploring

Not long after we moved to our current house — three years ago next month — we were at a neighborhood block party.

When my wife mentioned that she walked to the train every morning, someone asked her if she knew about the path from our street down to the bottom of the hill by the train. Not only did we not know about it, we walked up and down the street and never found it.

All we saw was people’s yards. Continue reading “Doing a little exploring”

Rise and shine!

Over the last several weeks, our cat Sasha has gotten into the habit of waking up my wife at 4 a.m., including on weekends.

And now, upon learning about an article by Hilary Potkewitz in The Wall Street Journal titled “Why 4 a.m. Is the Most Productive Hour,” she feels fully justified in doing so.

Granted, the article is two years old (Thanks, Pocket!), and once my wife is roused from her sleep, all she does downstairs to feed Sasha before falling back into bed until 6, but that’s enough productivity for Sasha. Continue reading “Rise and shine!”

A good time to get outside

Since my wife and I work in the same town, about 10 minutes apart, we try to get together for lunch once a week.

Normally, we go to a little pizza-and-sub shop, but today my wife recommended a sandwich shop down the street.

She doesn’t eat a lot of turkey sandwiches, but I do, and she said theirs were really good. Continue reading “A good time to get outside”

Boredom at the airport is good

I had always thought airport layovers were because I either couldn’t get there from here without stopping or because the mid-trip lounging at somewhere other than my destination was worth the money we were saving.

Apparently not. Continue reading “Boredom at the airport is good”