Golden Bloggerz Award

I hate nicknames, or at least when people try to give me nicknames, since for the most part, I’ve never really liked any of them.

However, a few people over the years have coined names for me that only they are allowed to use, and in that spirit, how can I object that Pea Green from Smelly Socks and Garden Peas has dubbed me “Lovely Bill”?

Just don’t you try and call me that.

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Getting away … even when you can’t

The mornings and evenings, and even some of the days, are starting to get cooler.

Long-sleeve shirts, jeans, hoodies and sweats are starting to appear again, pulled off shelves and hangers for the first time in months.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, because it’s September, and September’s going to September.

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All about the details

The president of my alma mater recently sent an update on the school’s reopening, and it’s so far … so good.

According to the report, after a week’s worth of classes, there had only been four positive COVID-19 tests, and two of those had been “safely resolved.”

Contrast that with another local college, where they’ve already suspended in-person classes for two weeks, and the governor has sent a “SWAT team” to help deal with the situation.

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Good solutions never die

“Hey, Mr. Writer Man.”

Suzi’s a good writer, but I’m generally considered the writer of the house for both personal (like what you’re reading here) and professional reasons.

So when she had a question about the project she was working on, she yelled down to me from our upstairs computer.

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The week gone by — Aug. 30

Suzi and I always wear our masks when we go into a building, but don’t usually wear them when we walk.

Whether it’s the streets of our town, a trail or one of the nature areas we visit on Sundays, there are usually not many people around and plenty of space to keep our distance from anyone we encounter.

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