Compliments make me feel weird

Suzi thinks she has found a problem with my resume and cover letter.

They include information about the jobs I held, but she’s convinced I don’t brag enough.

She was quizzing me about what I’ve done over the years, and she basically replied “write that” every other sentence.

So we overhauled the resume and cover letter, and we’ll see if it works.

“If someone gives you a compliment how do you respond?”

Alison at Little Blog of Positivity has a post called “51 Powerful Questions That Make You Think,” and there are a lot of good ones in there — some or all of which could make for blog posts — but the one about compliments really stuck out.

The other day, a friend said some incredibly nice, personal things about me, and while I appreciated it, I also found it incredibly embarrassing. Pretty much all I could do was tell him he’s way too kind.

”Way too kind” is how I deal with most compliments. It’s weird, because I certainly don’t lack for an ego, and am pretty self-centered. After all, notice the one common theme in most of my blog posts?

But whether it’s imposter syndrome or that I was raised to be humble, even though I love compliments, I have trouble taking them. There are worse traits to have, I guess.

(Also, something I hate — people who brag about being humble, so I hope this doesn’t come across that way. They’re annoying and usually not humble at all.)

So by all means, even though I’m not fishing for compliments, I’m cool with people saying nice things about me.  I just hope they’re not surprised if I suddenly develop an interest in the ground between my feet while they’re doing it.




6 thoughts on “Compliments make me feel weird

  1. alisonw30

    So glad my questions post made you think! I must admit I’m not great with compliments either. I usually brush it off with ‘what, this old thing’ or ‘it was nothing’. Let’s practice accepting them with grace, we can do this!


    1. It did, and even better, there are 50 other questions to chew on!

      It didn’t really hit me until my wife started quizzing me yesterday, which happened to be just a couple hours before I read your post. Coincidence, I think not!


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