Updates from everywhere

The Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh wants us to know that the well-being of their guests and teams is their “absolute priority.”

The hotel will “adhere to the strictest possible terms of all advice issues by (the World Health Organization), as well as the protocols advised by local and international authorities.”

Furthermore, any employee returning from a country affected by COVID-19, or has been in close proximity with someone from one of those areas, has been asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

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Life is full of surprises

A bunch of my friends did the thing where they got their top nine photos on Instagram, so I figured I’d give it a try.

None are pictures of me — I don’t take selfies — and no shocker, the majority were travel photos, since that’s what I take most of my pictures of and my friends seem to like them.

Yet I noticed something as I took a look at them.

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Edinburgh Excursions: The other side of the bridge

During our entire time in Edinburgh, we’ve been in the Old Town, so we walked across the bridge today to the New Town.

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London Travels: On to Edinburgh

My wife and I will always want to be in London.

It’s too charming, too beautiful, too much fun. There’s so much energy radiating even if you’re just walking around.

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