The week gone by — March 15

We decided to start streaming “Succession” last night, since we heard it was good.

It seemed like the whole point of the first episode was to show that everyone involved was somewhere between merely insufferable and purely evil.

We’ll see how it goes.

Given that she considers starting to fill out her checklist an integral part of vacation planning, you’ll be shocked to know that Suzi has come up with a list of shows she wants to stream, given that our options are limited these days for the obvious reasons.

As for my plan, I’m just winging it, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, either.

My exercise and photography classes, along with her yoga class, are on hold. Our gym let us know what they’re doing to keep things clean and safe, and while we don’t doubt their efforts, we’re taking advantage of the good weather to walk instead.

The library is closed.

We ordered out from a local restaurant instead of going out to dinner.

And worst of all … sports are basically canceled for now.

Not going to complain, though. Lots of people have it a lot worse.

Last night’s entertainment was UConn’s run through the 2011 Big East Tournament. The previous night, it was the “Les Miserables” 25th anniversary concert.

That could be happening soon.


Trying to avoid the dunce cap — I graduated from college years ago, but still worry about being the dumbest student in class.

When have I been brave? — A question you’d think I wouldn’t be stumped by, but here we are.


Mystery Blogger Award Nominee (Smelly Socks and Garden Peas) — My post about bravery was the result of her Mystery Blogger Award nomination.

Mystery Blogger Award (Catherine Micqu) — When I did my Mystery Blogger Challenge, she’s one of the people I nominated to do one.

Un-Opening Day (Rachael McDaniel) — She doesn’t write a ton, but every time she does, I think the same thing … she is so, so good.

Social Distancing Is My Jam (Return of the Modern Philosopher) — And now … the introverts rise.

The Trip That Never Happened (Do What You Love) — Some lessons are crappy ones for a kid to have to learn.

The Soundtrack (Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table) — What’s yours?

Nothing But the Tooth … And Porcelain (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — I’m very happy my root canal wasn’t nearly this complicated.

Why Sunlight should be your go-to ski resort (Sunshine With Savannah) — I don’t ski, have no desire to ski. But Savannah is trying hard to change my mind by sharing stuff like this.

My Love Life, Part 3. Contains Disappointment (Bumbling Dad) — You won’t be disappointed reading this.

My Trip To Iceland (Rosie Culture) — Not a bad fourth date.

Maybe they’ll knock each other off, and then Generation X will pick up the pieces.


There’s chill, and then there’s this kid.

It should talk to Elias Sharf (see above).

Pretty sure I spent the first day shoveling the driveway with my brother.

Erin’s my friend. Listen to Erin.

William Carlos Williams references are always the best references.

We all know someone like his parents.

Both hands all the way up.

Some people are literalists. I do not relate to this in any way at all.

It happens.

Really? Really? Too much cuteness.

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