The week gone by — Jan. 17

I talk to my grandmother and parents in New York every Sunday night.

Last week, I made sure to tell them as much as I knew about the state’s updated COVID vaccination plan, which was being opened to residents over 75 the next day. (My grandmother is over 80.)

I had to let my mother know because, even though I didn’t know the details, I assumed there was an online element, and my grandmother doesn’t use computers.

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The week gone by — Dec. 20

When I first went to college, I met a girl.

No, this isn’t one of those stories, although we got along well for a time, and she was pretty cute if I remember correctly.

We eventually wound up in different circles, and I think it just sort of happened, although it didn’t help that I …

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When stuff becomes ‘normal’

There are still big things, the things that are still a bit of a jolt when they happen.

Like having to sign up for a time to go to the museum.

Like being in a museum for the first time since … since … since …? <<Tries to shuffle files in brain from the Before Times, finds nothing.>>

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All about the details

The president of my alma mater recently sent an update on the school’s reopening, and it’s so far … so good.

According to the report, after a week’s worth of classes, there had only been four positive COVID-19 tests, and two of those had been “safely resolved.”

Contrast that with another local college, where they’ve already suspended in-person classes for two weeks, and the governor has sent a “SWAT team” to help deal with the situation.

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When there was nothing else, there was walking

I’ve always been more of a banana bread guy, but remember when making sourdough bread was a thing?

And toilet paper!?!? People were literally obsessed with finding toilet paper. It actually felt like a triumph to score some.

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Stay away from others at the beach? OK!

I must confess that I’m of two minds about beaches reopening.

On one hand, it’s the beach, and beaches are awesome. Plus people need to get outside, and a lot of beaches are convenient large, wide-open spaces to do just that.

On the other hand — and I guess I should think this way about parks, too — it feels like unless there are strict rules that are strictly enforced, it feels like giving an inch to people who will take a mile.

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