The week gone by — March 22

Except for the counter where employees were handing out orders, the entire restaurant was dark.

I asked the woman behind the counter what it was like working in basically an empty building. She said it was kind of creepy.

No surprise there.

An Italian restaurant about a half-hour from our house was still offering take-out, so Suzi and I ordered dinner from there online. When I gave her name at the front desk, the guy didn’t recognize it, then said he’d have to go back to check.

”Great,” I thought. “They must have forgotten it or lost the order.”

Then just as quickly came another thought.

”And if they did, don’t get upset. They’re having a hard day.”

In the end, there was no need to worry. The order was done, just not out of the kitchen yet.

Dinner was good, and Suzi made sure to give them a nice tip.


Updates from everywhere — Remember when you used to get email notifications about something other than a global pandemic?

Stepping out into the world — We left the house for a little while.

Who you calling ‘elderly’? — Apparently, I’m aging much faster than I thought!


As you can guess, one topic basically dominated conversation last week.

Savannah has a cute new office-mate. (She also has a thread of good posts about being inside including advice for working at home.)

Becky partakes in some music madness during March, but I will … not die, but perhaps sprain my ankle … on the hill that “Style” was seeded way too low.

As someone who was also the office chatterbox, I can relate to Renata’s situation right now. (She talks more about working at home in this week’s Overrated/Underrated.)

Rosie may be an introvert, but she knows she still has to keep herself busy.

Paul has some great ideas for if you’re bored. He also has ideas that are funny to read.

The routine in the Smelly Socks household is about to change dramatically.

Austin runs to keep his mind right. I’m not a runner, but I can’t argue with his logic.

Sounds like things are pretty well sorted at My Forty Something Life HQ.

A lot of these are fairly lighthearted, even given the subject matter, but Vee’s uncle recently died, and he seems like he was a heck of a guy.

Really? Really? Really.

Things are going to be uncertain for a while. That’s just the way it is.

Just in case Andrew Cuomo doesn’t get the ol’ heart racing.

I’ll take two, but not because of you. You, I like.


These were written 18 minutes apart.

I recently used it for the first time, and Suzi has been using it to take her yoga classes. However, I couldn’t teach a class on it.

There is only one answer to this question — Keith Smart. (In case you don’t get the reference.)

I have already received a request to interview my brother, from someone who knows both of us.

Absolute truth.

Part of the soundtrack of my childhood.

The player who made me a Liverpool fan.

It’s Twitter. You must know how this one ends.

Read all of it. I promise it’s worth it.

“I’ll take ‘Things I Never Expected to Hear’ for all the money, Alex.’”

Photo of an empty restaurant by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay.


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