The week gone by — April 12

Instead of the fist bump, racket tap or other salutation at the net that comes with the end of a pickleball game, we bowed from our respective baselines.

Someone tried to sanitize the balls, but that didn’t work very well.

It was a fairly warm day, but I wore gloves.

My networking group was the next day. There were about 25 people — I think the week before was more than 80 — and it has been suspended ever since.

I had gone to exercise class that Monday. Now, it’s on hold. The photography class I went to that Tuesday … canceled.

That week was the last time I was in a group of people for any reason. It simultaneously seems like forever ago and that it just happened.

It was four weeks ago — one month. And it may be more months, but if that’s what has to happen, so be it.

Our exercise class is having a Zoom call, not to work out, but to say hi and see each other’s faces again.

I’m still in email chains for both the networking group and the people I play pickleball with, and let me tell you, this isolation is really having its way with some people.

Their creativity is impressive, but seriously, send help.


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I wrote a thing a few weeks ago about emails I’ve gotten since … you know. I thought it was pretty good, but this … this is just special.

I landed a job interview. Everything had just started, but then it accelerated, so maybe I didn’t cause it, but I made it worse.

Me too.

I don’t even read novels, so no danger from me here.

A happy Friday indeed.

I’ll have two.

I miss orb matches.

This needed to be written down? There were people who didn’t understand?

Grammar is important.

I’m just saying that I think I’ve seen one news anchor where it has worn off.

Speaking of emails …


3 thoughts on “The week gone by — April 12

  1. Haha yes to answer your questions about having to write down that rule. I had two video meetings that day and in each one someone’s cat made an appearance and no one—NO ONE—said anything. (I could have but didn’t want to be the weirdo who’s like “ooh a cat!!!!”)


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