Yes, it’s weird … but I’m fine

It’s not often Suzi asks me if I’m feeling OK, unless I actually appear to be in distress — after all, she’s the one who convinced me to go to the doctor when I had my gall-bladder attack.

So things must have been really weird when she asked if there was something wrong with me, especially since I was completely fine.

By way of explanation, most nights, Suzi heads to our upstairs bedroom before I do, reading for a half-hour to an hour before falling asleep.

Meanwhile, I’m downstairs futzing around online and (usually) aimlessly watching a game or the news until I get so bored, tired or both that I go upstairs to bed.

However, I suddenly had an idea — how about I go upstairs and read, too? I have books that I need to make progress on, including the biography of Angela Merkel that I’m currently reading, and it beat being brain-dead downstairs.

Which is why Suzi wondered if I was sick … me trying something different.

But yes, I did. I’m not great at reading while lying down, although that should be easier when I start using my Kindle again, but it was nice, even though it was only about 15 minutes because she was ready to go to bed, and so did I.

I should do it more often.


3 thoughts on “Yes, it’s weird … but I’m fine

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