Nice, happy stories: March 6

I’m not one to watch Christmas specials in the middle of February, but since America and Great Britain apparently signed a treaty banning any of their shows from showing up here until months later, that was when the season finale of “All Creatures Great and Small” aired.

There were a few moments of mild tension, as there always are, but they got solved, as they always do, and the crew had a happy Christmas.

We’ll be watching it again sometime after Thanksgiving, as we decided to include it in our Christmas-season celebration, joining the first-season finale.

I’m not sure when Sunday nights at 9 became — as Anna Rampton would have put it on “W1A” — appointment-to-view television, but in a way, it kind of stinks.

After all, when the show’s over, the weekend is pretty much over, because not much interesting goes on Sundays after 10 p.m., but at least it finishes strong.

I first noticed it with this season of “Succession,” featuring insanely rich, insanely evil people where our rooting interests shift from week to week — depending on whose evil seems most justified at the moment — that manages to be dramatic, hilarious and a complete mindf^&*.

Staring next Sunday is “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” which is just pure porn — food porn, Italian scenery porn, Stanley Tucci-being-Stanley Tucci porn.

I’m guessing there will be a lot of “Awww … c’mons,” and it could be from looking at the food, the setting or the host.

Update: We just learned that due to the war in Ukraine, the premiere has been pushed back to later in the spring.

In between was “All Creatures Great and Small.”

I’ve never read any of the books that are the basis for the show, and only started watching because Suzi wanted to. It doesn’t always work out — I never got into “Around the World in 80 Days — but it does more often than not.

The scenery in the Yorkshire Dales is nothing to sneeze at, but the show is about nice people and their animals. The ride may be a little bumpy in spots, but even the awkward moments — for instance, the landlord to your farm being the guy you broke up with at the church on your wedding day — work themselves out.

The endings are happy, and you feel good when it’s over.

And it’s good to feel good.

What I wrote

I didn’t know it was Mardi Gras, but I knew it was March. (I was also Tuesday days old when I learned Pancake Day is a thing that exists, but I fully support it.)

Just because I did something unusual doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me.

When you own a ridiculously expensive house, why would you leave, and how do you move out?

I’ll get back to New York … someday.

This is a weekend to be lazy.

Stuff I read

As Tara fights long COVID, sometimes good words aren’t the right words.

Renata may be tired all the time, but she’s still more of a morning person.

Pepper doesn’t know why her Instagram was deactivated, but she found seven reasons why it happens.

Jeff is not a fan of long-windedness.

Emily has thoughts on unsolicited advice.

Mari always just wants to know the truth.

Even when she traveled a lot, Rosie was always an anxious traveler. COVID has made it worse.

Lori is afraid on plenty of things, but one thing most of all.

I’m a fan of Austin’s, anyway, but this is on another level.

Right before she and her husband Chad moved to Milwaukee, Savannah reflected on her time in New Castle, Colo.

Pea Green is trying to make sense of the news.

Graham enjoyed the first celebration for his 50th birthday.

Helena tells us that “Nothing stops.”

There are rejection letters, and there are rejection letters like the one River found.

Tweets I liked

That … that’s nice.

So is this, but I could do without the snow.

Also this.

It’s possible the ball has landed, but I haven’t seen any confirmation.

I never thought of it this way, but she’s not wrong.

Simply put, this is a crime.


6 thoughts on “Nice, happy stories: March 6

    1. Yeah, he’s the type causes everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality, to say “Yup, he’s a handsome and charming dude.”

      I’m sure there’s nothing at all strange about your search history. LOL

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  1. I read all the books (if you’re an animal lover you have to) and loved the original series, but haven’t started the new All Creatures Great and Small yet.
    Succession? Love it!
    Tucci in Italy? That was pure joy, I adore him.

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