It’s March

If it weren’t for Suzi making bananas Foster — and telling me why she was making bananas Foster — I wouldn’t have had any idea that Mardi Gras is today.

To show how much I pay attention to such things, I thought it was early for Mardi Gras, when in reality it’s actually in February most of the time.

And I usually know when Easter is by someone pointing it out a couple weeks ahead of time.

What I do know is that today is March 1.

For the most part, January is depressing after New Year’s Day (Suzi’s birthday excepted) and way too long. February’s not much better, but at least it’s short.

So March feels like the year is making a turn for the better, with spring perhaps showing signs of arriving for real, March Madness, Spring Training (well, most years), my father’s birthday.

Unfortunately, for years to come, maybe forever, it’s also going to be associated with the start of a pandemic.

Will Leitch is asking people to share their March 11 stories, but I’m more interested in the months up to March 11, when we lived our lives not knowing what was ahead.


2 thoughts on “It’s March

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