Almost a disaster

I nearly didn’t make it home.

Not because of a car accident, or even a mechanical problem.

Because of poor cellphone service.

I am not particularly good at finding my way around strange places until normal circumstances, and starting a new job a little more than an hour from home when the route is broken up into little bits and pieces is definitely not a normal circumstance.

Fortunately, I can walk out of my office, punch my address into Google Maps and be on my way.

Except I couldn’t get service immediately after getting in my car … or out on the street in front of my building … or just inside my building … or in the post office (I thought maybe they had WiFi there).

I was actually starting to think I’d either have to stay forever, call Suzi and have her tell me the route over the phone or try to vaguely point my car south and east and hope I picked up service or found the Massachusetts border somewhere along the way.

Actually, what I probably would have done is gone back inside, looked up the route on the computer, printed it out and driven home with one hand on the steering wheel, one eye on the road and one of each on the printout.

It probably wouldn’t have been pretty, but it was what I did before I became so reliant on my phone.

The good news is that I found a spot of service, and we’ve found that once you get Google Maps started, it will stay on even if the service goes out in spots.

But just to be sure, I think I will print out directions to keep in the car, and Suzi said she thinks our TomTom — which was the solution to my directionally challenged ways before I could get directions on my phone — is still around somewhere.


Through repetition and memory, I realized that one of the routes to the office was actually pretty simple.

This was especially true going home, because the main transitions were marked by an easily identifiable business signs and intersections where if I didn’t turn, I’d hit something.

So I gave it a go, using printed directions for assistance going to the office and coming home from memory.

And it worked!

I’m way too excited about this, but since one of my greatest fears in life is getting lost and not being able to find my way out, it felt good to realize my commute didn’t have to make me afraid.


6 thoughts on “Almost a disaster

  1. A rule of thumb is you get lost again and not sure which way is which: moss grows on the north side of surfaces (trees, houses…). Not sure that would really have come in handy in your situation, but it’s still a pretty cool bit of info I think.

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