My iPhone went black this morning

My current iPhone was an older model when I bought it, because I needed a quick replacement when my previous phone lost the ability to hold a charge.

So between that and the planned obsolescence of the iEverything world, it’s not a shock that my phone is limping along, if not on its actual last legs.

I have resigned myself to and am preparing for the day when my phone’s race is run, but my reaction was completely different the first time I thought it had crapped out.

Originally posted Sept. 8, 2017.

As I was leaving for work this morning, I saw something I wanted to take a picture of — after all, it may be private, but my new Instagram account won’t fill itself — so I pulled out my iPhone and turned it on.

And … nothing.

It was full Black Screen of Death. (Since it’s blue for computers, I assume something similar happens to iPhones, just a different color.)

Rational Brain said, “Oh, it must be some kind of glitch that I can clear up once I get to work.”

Panic Brain said, “WHAT IF THE PHONE IS DEAD? HOW WILL I GET TEXTS WITH CAR EMOJIS (because I hate emojis, and my wife sends them to goof on me)? WHAT IF SOMEONE WANTS TO CALL ME? (My parents are about the only ones who do, on Sunday nights.) HOW DO I FOLLOW TWITTER? (Really, that’s what you’re worried about?) WHAT IF I HAVE TO BUY A NEW PHONE? (Ummm … get a new one. Fortunately, I could afford it if I had to.)”

OK, so maybe Panic Brain wasn’t quite that bad — there are people in Florida and Caribbean facing a giant hurricane who aren’t as worried as I was just pretending to be — but I was still a little nervous.

After all, it had been working fine a few minutes earlier, and I pretty much do all my communicating with it. And I don’t really want to buy a new phone if I don’t have to.

But Rational Brain won out. I looked up a solution online once I got to work, and it was as simple as holding both buttons down for about 10 seconds until I got the apple showing my phone had come back to life.


P.S. from Bill in 2021: The Instragram account linked above is not my no-longer-private personal account, but my blog account. Feel free to follow if you aren’t already.

4 thoughts on “My iPhone went black this morning

  1. I upgrade my iPhone every few years because I can, and because I like new tech. My husband on the other hand, is still using a 5. It has to be charged twice a day and won’t take any updates. The keyboard sticks, lags and occasionally skips letters. I keep telling him it’s going to drop dead any day now but he refuses to get a new one until it does.

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