The week gone by — Oct. 31

What was that noise?

Suzi figured it out first. It was our garage door … except we were both in our kitchen.

I went downstairs to close it. It opened again.

I closed it again and went back upstairs. It opened again.

Had our house suddenly become haunted? Was someone plotting to break into our house to kill us in our very own Halloween horror film?


One of our garage-door openers had fallen into a pile of leaves, and between the leaves, the rain and maybe even small creatures walking across it, something kept pushing the button.

Once Suzi found it, everything was fine.

At least I hope everything is fine.

What I wrote

I started a new job this week, which means I had to do things like “get up early” and “find proper clothes.” I thought I wasn’t going to make it home one day, and my old friend imposter syndrome decided to pay a visit.

“Right now, a grand total of five days in, it feels like the weather as I drove to the office. At times, the sun is out, and if feels like I’m getting it, even if I still have a lot to learn.

And then, all of a sudden, I’m in a fog and can’t see my way clear.”

My effort to defend my title in The Captain’s Quiz ended very badly, leaving me to answer questions about what happened. (And good for Sabrina … I guess.)

“I tried playing it straight, and it didn’t work. I tried some riskier stuff, and it didn’t work.

To be honest, I probably should have just faked a leg injury to save myself some embarrassment.”

It’s an early sign that winter is coming — mowing the lawn for the last time so the gas tank is empty.

“Of course, since this was likely the last time I’ll mow this year, the next thing I’ll be pulling out of my garage — other than the car, of course — will be the snowblower.”

This being the last day of October means it’s the last day of Blogtober. I have a couple more ideas kicking around, but they may not come out right away.

Stuff I read

Since it’s Halloween, Pepper wants to know if people believe in ghosts. (I don’t.)

“I have some pretty vivid memories from when I was a kid, of some ghostly kids hanging out in my childhood home. They would stand in my bedroom while I slept. At the time, I remember being terrified and I believed wholeheartedly that they were truly ghosts. But now when I recall those memories, they are more distant and I no longer have the emotion of being scared tied to them, so now I’m more inclined to explain them as extreme dreams or an overactive imagination.”

If video games for Halloween are your thing, Renata and Josh have ideas.

“The Creepy Tale games are point-and-click games with art that makes them look like you jumped into a creepy story book. You wander around as a young boy trying to complete various tasks and try to find out what is up with all of these damn monsters. Almost every time you move onto the next stage of the game, there’s a different monster you have to evade, making you feel the need to hold your breath as you go through the game.”

Pea Green, isn’t really all that into Halloween. (Don’t worry … neither am I, which could explain why I did so badly on Paul’s quiz.)

“It’s not a holiday or a celebration. It’s just an opportunity to fill kids with sweets (“candy”! Eugh!), pour more money down the drain and forget about the real meaning of all hallows and all souls days on the 31st October and 1st November.”

Giggles had fun in her first Halloween teaching at her new school.

“I never got to do things like this at my old school because it was a Christian school and then because of COVID so it was just really awesome to be able to participate in some traditions and give the kids a great memory.”

I think Lindsay is ready for her time off. What do you think?

“My temples are looking forward to being pain free instead of enduring the throbbing which strangely starts bang on 08:55 and immediately stops around 15:30, which no amount of paracetamol seems able to fix.”

I’m with Claudia … less is not always more. After all, that’s why it’s “less” and not “more,” right?

“The strawberry margaritas were different. Bland-looking. Small. Blaaaah.

I stared at mine for a few seconds before I took a sip, disappointed at the boring display with no sugared rim and the dreaded paper straw. I was looking forward to the gargantuan cocktail they used to serve which was literally as big as a soup bowl and was so delicious that it was a perfect accompaniment to a plate of cheesy nachos.”

Webb has thoughts.

“Do you ever just sit and wonder about people? Wonder what goes on in their lives? What goes on in their head? What are they thinking? Are they worried? Scared? Nervous? Or are they excited and happy?”

Cass is in a new home, and now she has a new church.

“Mass happened to be only 30 minutes long, online it said it was 8 a.m.-9 a.m., so I was shocked but in a good way & prayed really hard to make up for the fact that it has been a long, long time since I last stepped into a church for Mass.”

After 20 months, Jeff sang in church again.

“We stood, masked and safely distanced. And we sang “Shall We Gather at the River” into our communal space. Even muffled by our masks, the sound filled the room, prompting tears.

And oh, my was it swell.”

Music should be fun, Emily writes, even if it’s old.

“Musical tastes, like the morning sun, can show your age. But it’s always good to sing and to have joy. Let heaven and nature sing, including all the fishes in the deep blue sea.”

In Austin’s new tale, Becky is trying to get her life together after her husband’s betrayal.

“Becky threw herself into her work. She rarely left the diner, which was great for the customers who loved her cooking, but a little hard on the establishment’s staff, which wasn’t used to the boss being omnipresent and forever coming up with new ideas to improve service.”

This is weird … it’s like Vee spends winters in Massachusetts and not Canada (although it hasn’t snowed here yet).

“Should I go and buy some groceries tonight? We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow, and quite honestly, driving in this city on the day of snowfall is a disaster. Everyone drives like idiots here on the norm, and when you throw some snow into the mix, it usually gets worse.”

Becky’s new place requires proper decoration, so … .

“While we were in Home Sense, I got some Christmas pillows and a blanket to put out. I’ll probably get a few Christmas decorations from my mom but I also want to go to the Dollar Store or even back to Home Sense to get some other decorations. I thought getting cute pillows for the holidays would help really make my condo look like Christmas threw up in it.”

Savannah took a walk. It didn’t go well.

“Maybe this doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, but I went for my first walk post-COVID. It was just around the block, but you would’ve thought it was a marathon. Lol, it was awful and I had many regrets.”

River felt some sticker shock at the grocery store.

“A quite small, unimpressive rump roast had a $36 price tag… and damned if I didn’t leave it right there.”

Tweets I liked

Fortunately, I think the pandemic entertainment we found — “Succession,” Michael Portillo rail journeys, “All Creatures Great and Small,” Stanley Tucci getting his Italian food porn on — are things we’ll keep watching after it’s over.

If only life could be so easy.

I don’t have kids, but this is because Dad wants to do it, right?

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