The week gone by — Nov. 7

“What is it about people who eat ice cream all year?”

Suzi asked this as we were enjoying our Friday ice creams. Most of the establishments we went to this summer have closed for the season, but there are still places we can go, and I’m perfectly willing to keep it up.

Although I must say that I don’t know why we sat outside, especially on those metal chairs.

I could have answered about how the great taste of ice cream knows no season, how it’s an enjoyable start to the weekend after a long week, about how I have considered it a treat ever since childhood.

But I didn’t feel like doing that, and I’m not sure she was completely serious, so I went with a simple answer.

“What is it about people who drink coffee all year?”

Personally, I find coffee vile, so I don’t know why people drink it at all, but even in a world where iced coffee exists, there are plenty of people who can’t live without their hot, caffeinated liquid during the middle of summer.

Suzi conceded the point, we finished our ice cream and we went home happy.

Whatever you think of ice cream once the weather turns cool, at least I’m not Jeff trying to defend the indefensible — pineapple on pizza — for which he was rightly taken to task.

“I will pray for your misguided soul. It’s not too late to repent and lead a normal productive life.”

Harsh? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely.

What I wrote

I knew I enjoyed my exercise class, but I’m not sure how much until I realized it was going to end.

“It never occurred to me because I never thought about it. Why would I have? It was too ingrained — between the two of us, Jamie and I figured out that I may have missed five Thursday/Monday/Tuesday classes over the years — and I was having too much fun.”

Last week, I wrote about how I feared I wouldn’t be able to get home because I couldn’t find any cellphone service. I have an update on that story, and it’s a happy one.

“I’m way too excited about this, but since one of my greatest fears in life is getting lost and not being able to find my way out, it felt good to realize my commute didn’t have to make me afraid.”

And so it begins

I don’t know what “the metaverse” is, wants to be or will become, but opening Facebook or Instagram is probably as close as I’ll ever get to it.

Stuff I read

Bruce’s daughter has come a long way.

“One class, sometimes two, at a time, Briana began to pile up her college credits at Southern New Hampshire University. Two years ago, she received her associate’s degree in criminal justice. And today, Briana walked across the stage on Nov. 6, 2021, at SNHU Arena in Manchester, N.H., to receive her bachelor’s degree in communications.”

Savannah and Chad have been together 10 years.

“Here’s the best summary I can offer: since 2011, I’ve been lucky enough to exist in a world where I get to be loved by Chad. I’m looking forward to another ten years, when I can compare tomorrow’s trends with today’s, marveling at a life-long romance and a man I’ll never stop loving. At the very least, I’m glad we outlasted LMFAO.”

Renata tries to balance her introverted and extroverted sides.

“I always prefer to be around people, I find any excuse to chat with random strangers, and I feel energized after talking to others. However, I also developed social anxiety in my early twenties and started to be more selective with my friends, choosing quality over quantity.”

Liz is already listening to Christmas music. I don’t agree with it … but I kind of understand.

“These are my musical keepsakes, touchstones to my childhood and our daughters’ early years. For me, the music is comforting, a reminder to keep things simple.”

Rosie’s job wasn’t working for her, so she found a new one.

“I understand that not everyone has the luxury of moving on from a toxic workplace wherever they want, but it’s so important for work not to weigh you down every day when it’s such a huge factor in life.”

Speaking of new jobs, Vee also landed one.

“It feels like after more than a decade of grinding every single day, someone is finally acknowledging the full extent of what I bring to the table. The CEO of the company that offered me this position just kept talking about how great I am and how he doesn’t want someone like me on his team, he wants me, specifically, on his team.”

Austin insists he’s not very complicated.

“Knowing that Chinese food is on the horizon has already exponentially brightened my outlook on life.

Because I’m a simple guy, who knows how to solve a problem.”

Apparently, Giggles’ brother has a popular name, which is causing a bit of a problem.

“First of all, who wants to date someone who has the same name as their brother? Like, I’m sorry for all those people who think it’s ok, but for me, it’s just WRONG.”

Becky is way too organized with her chores, but she does have some outside motivation.

“In the morning, I clean the bathrooms as a way to start the week. I put all of my bathroom cleaning supplies in a bucket so I can carry them from one bathroom to the other. I’ll put music on and I’ve gotten down a pretty efficient routine. (Also: my mom reads my blog, and I know she appreciates a clean bathroom, so I make sure my bathrooms are clean to her standards.)”

Webb’s tale could be about the positive power of suggestion or the perils of not knowing differences between countries. (I actually wasn’t aware until last week that the UK turned their clocks back an hour earlier, either.)

“How funny that my mind immediately believed I wasn’t tired. How funny I felt a little refreshed by that extra hour of sleep. The extra hour that I did not get. I went all week believing it. I wonder how I am going to feel after this weekend, when the U.S really does change the clocks back.”

Speaking of daylight saving time, when I called in to a work meeting the other day, some of the people I work with were complaining about it, but I reminded them that it does make this weekend an hour longer … something I will surely forget when it’s dark at 4:30.

According to Graham, this is a tough time of year to be a teacher.

“Sitting at a desk going through what should be a familiar routine can prove impossible. You might as well present them with a pair of mittens and a Rubiks cube each. And all this because it was blowing a gale, the rain was travelling sideways and my students didn’t have the common sense to stay out of it as much as they could.”

River’s friend may have found the perfect gift.

“Busty Lush.

I’m not sure if I should be offended… or flattered she knows me so well.”

The BosssyBabe reflects on where she came from.

“Oftentimes, in the middle of the night, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to hear casual outbursts from random street kids or inebriated men stumbling down the road. These sounds never frightened me but comforted me with a feeling of familiarity. Comfort in the way that you know you’re not alone, like in a vast forest, but instead surrounded by other people- families packed like sardines in tiny apartments.”

The Huntress is applying for jobs and dealing with unemployment

“But what is puzzling me at the moment is my lack of… I have no energy, no inspiration, nothing to motivate me. My very good friend who is also a counselor told me on Friday as we met for lunch that I’m simply adjusting to being without a job for now.”

For Jackie in Italy, autumn in Italy just isn’t the same.

“On Saturday I went for a hike with a couple of friends to find fall in the mountains. It’s like an American autumn! One friend announced as we turned a corner, where a bright yellow tree shook her leaves down like snow. It was beautiful, but it was not home.”

Tweets I liked

And there’s probably food in desks that is unrecognizable.

This joke hits like the inside of your elbow banging on a table.

I’m good with this one, but if anyone can do lie/lay, I’d appreciate it.

I’ve gotten a lot better in this regard, but when look at this picture, all I see is abject terror.

I fail to see the problem here.

Suzi and I were discussing how our idea of an exciting Saturday night is an early dinner so we don’t miss “Escape to the Chateau” (a friend got her into it) and then she takes a bath.

Preach it, little buddy.


13 thoughts on “The week gone by — Nov. 7

  1. gigglingfattie

    Thanks for picking a somewhat non depressing post from this week 😅😅

    And I also agree with you that I see nothing wrong with a bowl full of snickers! Do you think Dating Dad will send them in the mail?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with you on the coffee and ice cream. Coffee? Vile. Ice cream all year long? Perfect. Thought ironically I enjoy coffee ice cream, go figure.
    As for Saturday night, I adore Escape to the Chateau but our local PBS station dropped it. Boo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not wild about after seeing the first couple original episodes. It’s an interesting story, but so far, they’re trying to make me believe that Dick can mostly make hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs by himself and with almost no money.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the shout out! You put Rosie’s name instead of mine though 😅

    And as someone who worked at an ice cream shop for 11 years, I personally wouldn’t want to work during the winter time, but I eat ice cream year round.


  4. Thanks for the tag, Bill 😊
    I’m afraid I’m one of those nut-jobs that can’t seem to kick coffee (although I just have one cup a day)! ☕😎

    Ice cream now.. I don’t have too often, I find it too sweet.. When I was a kid I’d eat my scooped ice cream in a bowl with a bit of milk to dull the sweetness lol I’m officially a monster.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. thanks for the mention, Bill! As for ice cream, my husband always says that winter is the best time to eat gelato, because it doesn’t melt :). I figure that’s as good enough a reason as any! (and yes, pineapple pizza is another thing entirely! yikes!)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I am so behind on my blog reading, but I’ll chip in here anyhow. [Yes, chip was an intentional pun.] I can eat ice cream any time of year because I’m flexible like that. Thanks for putting this kind of post together. It’s fun to learn who you follow and what they have to say. TGIF, eh?

    Liked by 1 person

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