Doughnuts, someone who looks very familiar … and highlights: Jan. 16

I never got to bring the doughnuts.

During my unemployment, I attended a networking group where if someone got a new job — “landed” in the parlance — he or she brought doughnuts for the group.

So naturally, I hoped that one Friday, it would be me providing the doughnuts, but by the time I finally got a job, the pandemic-induced offshoot of the group was still meeting online, so I just made a comment about giving everyone virtual doughnuts.

I’m pretty sure a few people laughed.

Pizza is the ultimate meal for office special occasions — at least in the offices I’ve worked in — but doughnuts are always a nice treat … with the exception of the period where I was trying to maintain some discipline.

I used to work in an office where someone would bring doughnut holes every week, and there was one guy who would lurk in the break room, waiting for them to show up so he could pick the five or six he wanted before everyone else.

No one liked that guy.

Where I work now, most of the staff is remote or on the road most of the time, with the exception of a weekly in-person meeting Thursday mornings.

The other day, one of the guys brought in doughnuts (also coffee, but that holds no interest for me). I grabbed a chocolate glaze after my department’s meeting, but at the end of the day, after everyone had their chance, there were still four left in the box.

To be doughnuts left in an office at the end of the day does not speak well of those doughnuts.

So THAT’S who that is?

Some of you may know how this story ends, so bear with me.

One of Suzi’s and my new TV obsessions is “Drive to Survive” on Netflix. (I am now a massive Daniel Ricciardo fan.)

We’re about halfway through Season 2, and one of the last episodes we watched started at Red Bull team boss Christian Horner’s house in England.

His wife walked in, and while Horner’s a good-looking dude, his wife was a knockout, to the point where Suzi said “She looks like a Spice Girl.”

Turns out there’s a reason for that.

Stuff I read

Things are quiet in Jackie’s neck of the woods … maybe a little bit too quiet.

Learn about the music Renata likes.

Rosie’s wedding is not going to be a big affair.

Pepper may finally have an answer for what’s wrong with her daughter.

Jeff has fallen for Wordle. Emily has not. Suzi plays every morning. I played once, failed, and haven’t tried since.

Becky is continuing to make her house a home.

Christina’s nightmares are terrifying to read about, much less live through.

Austin tells us how Holly helped Aaron celebrate his birthday.

Savannah came at the concept of New Year’s resolutions from a slightly different angle.

Vee has had the kind of week you just want to get away from.

Giggles has come to a conclusion regarding her faith.

Lindsay provides surefire ways to know you’re old.

Pea Green is feeling a bit weepy.

Mari has her word for the year.

River and her husband have completely different ideas about the concept of a “new” truck.

Tweets I liked

It looks a lot different from when I was in high school.

I hate snow, but that looks nice.

It was ridiculous then, and even more ridiculous now.

Now seems like a good time.


12 thoughts on “Doughnuts, someone who looks very familiar … and highlights: Jan. 16

    1. The thing is that we originally didn’t realize it was her, I think because of the camera angles. We just thought she was a good-looking redhead in a stylish white pants suit. Later on, it was a little more obvious because you could see her face more, but we also thought it was funny that although they were talking about her concerts, she was never actually identified.


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