The week gone by — Jan. 9

They should have been thrown away years ago — two pairs of socks with holes that make them impossible to wear.

However, the reason why they’re still in my dresser instead of being long retired is that they still have one use.

I wear them — turned so that the part without holes is on the bottom — in my boots when I clear snow.

We had our first real storm of the year the other day, meaning it was time to break out my snowblowing gear: long underwear, Syracuse sweatpants, hoodie and heavy jacket, thick gloves, boots …

… and those two pairs of cruddy white socks.

As clearing snow goes, it could have been worse. It was “only” six to eight inches, not piled too badly at the end of the driveway and the wind wasn’t blowing.

But I’m going to have to figure out a solution to my snowblower no longer getting any traction going up the driveway, which is basically a skating rink during the winter.

It’s not so easy for me, either. I fell trying to walk down to the garage, so I hope none of the neighborhood kids were out when it happened, or else they might have learned some new words.

So what’s my favorite winter activity? Wanting it to be over as soon as possible.

Stuff I read

On New Year’s Day, I posted musings about how old I feel, and challenged others to do the same. See the responses from Rosie, Renata, Savannah, Becky, Pepper, Graham and Kristian.

Tara does what she has to do to protect herself from COVID, and it’s probably a lot more than most of us have to do.

Fran has had a lot going on lately.

I saw “Rocky II” about a million years ago. Paul just saw it for the first time. I basically remember none of this, although based on what I do remember, Paul vastly understates the ending.

Monty’s puppy Jack is a hero.

There are basically two kinds of people — people who divide the world into two kinds of people like Jeff has, and people who read posts other people write about there being two kinds of people.

Liz went home for Christmas.

Emily’s youthful follies sound … rather familiar.

Giggles has been out of her comfort zone a lot recently, but if you’re always out of your comfort zone, wouldn’t you get … comfortable with it?

In news that’s about as shocking as Tuesday following Monday, Austin tells us that Aaron is not impressed by the start of a new year.

Michelle thinks she might have a leg up in her job search.

Lindsay not only doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, she knows which ones are the easiest for her to break.

Pea Green and Vee reflect on 2021.

River’s cat is not very smart.

Tweets I liked

You know someone has tried.

I would love to have a reason someday to yell “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I AM!” Yes, it makes no sense, but that’s what makes it awesome.

Sounds like a plan to me.

That looks nice.

I’ve worn glasses since my early 20s, and never had a desire to wear contacts, on account of being sure I’d gouge my eyes out. My eye doctor once said I’d need contacts, but when I went to the consultation, they said it wouldn’t make any difference, so that was the end of that.


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