Ask … and you shall receive

For as nice as it will be to eat in a restaurant without worry, there is one thing I’ve liked about ordering food and picking it up.

Well, actually two things … not waiting for tables is nice … but unless we’re getting pizza and I sometimes have to call, the thing I like is that we order online.

Which means I get to set up my order exactly how I like it.

I’m that guy, the picky guy, the guy for whom Sally is only a slight exaggeration.

If you serve vegetables with my order, I won’t eat them. I drink mostly water these days, so I don’t worry about it, but if I get soda, don’t serve it with ice (or leave a gap at the top of the glass in the space the ice would have taken) because I asked for it without ice and I will send it back.

I still find it mind-boggling that I can’t order a hamburger at Wendy’s — I literally have to ask for a cheeseburger without cheese — and calling to order a turkey sub amused one of my former coworkers so much he developed an impression.

Really, though … how hard is it to understand that I just want turkey on a bun without lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo or oil and vinegar?

So I found this list of food order fails, some of which were the customer’s and some the restaurant’s, amusing, and it caused me to remember one of my own.

Years and years ago, I was eating lunch with my mother at Friendly’s, and ordered a chicken Parmesan sandwich. They came with lettuce and tomato, so I asked for it to be plain.

When our orders arrived, I got a piece of chicken on a roll — no lettuce, no tomato, no sauce, no cheese.

It was literally a plain chicken Parmesan sandwich.

I asked if they could add the cheese and sauce that I wanted, but I couldn’t get mad. I may have even found it amusing.

I asked for it, and I got it.

Photo by Catherine Heath on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Ask … and you shall receive

    1. Chicken and bread is what I got. I didn’t want the lettuce and tomato, and they gave it to me without the lettuce and tomato I didn’t want, and without the melted cheese and pasta sauce I did.


    1. You would not believe the amount of ranting I have done about this over the years until I gave up (which proves both the stupidity of it and my ability to carry a dumb grudge).

      But yes, the default at Wendy’s is a cheeseburger, and hamburgers are not on the menu, to the point where I have asked for a hamburger and they gave me a cheeseburger because I didn’t specifically ask for it without cheese.

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  1. Michelle

    I’m not that picky when I eat out, because I want to try new foods when I’m out. However, I can relate to you wanting your food to be a particular way. I’m like that in my own home and my boyfriend thinks it’s madness.

    All the best, Michelle (

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    1. My wife recently bought a potato masher, which I thought was weird because she mashes potatoes in our mixer. However, the reason she bought it is because she likes making homemade pasta sauce, but I hate tomato chunks, so she bought it to smash the tomatoes.

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  3. Your mention of ordering a cheeseburger without cheese at Wendy’s reminded me of the time I order a Plain Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonald’s. The cashier was so confused. They asked me, “Do you want any seasoning on the burger?” Haha what? I just wanted a burger with cheese, why was that so hard to understand?

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