The week gone by — Feb. 28

“I just want to wake up and it not be February,” Suzi said the other morning.

I got where she was coming from. Lately, it has felt like Punxsutawney Phil — pictured above from when I visited the town long ago — predicted six more weeks of February, and not winter, when he saw his shadow on Groundhog Day.

Although I must say, she went a little too far when she said she was tired of seeing Aaron Judge on my Yankee calendar. (Having looked at our upstairs Germany calendar, she informs me she is also tired of Dresden.)

Sure, he’s all kinds of frustrating when he’s slumping and swinging at pitches he couldn’t hit with an oar, but we are never to say we don’t want to see Aaron Judge. (Stay healthy this year, big guy.)

But I digress …

Maybe Phil’s acting in our best interest, because if February lasts forever, that means we’ll never reach March.

Yes, March is the month that makes us think winter is over, only to dash our hopes with cold, raw days and endless mud even if it’s not snowing, but this year, March is … March.

As in a year since the last March, when those of us who were unaware realized that life was about to change drastically, although I’m not sure by how much or for how long.

But America loves a good redemption story, and maybe tomorrow could be the start for March.

Now, to be clear, in the same way “I’m sorry to anyone who was offended” or “That’s not who I am” don’t come close to being acceptable apologies, March and the 11 months of Marches it unleashed afterward have so much to make amends for that a mere 31 days cannot be enough to undo what it has done.

But redemption has to begin somewhere, and tomorrow is as good a place to start as any … assuming Phil ever lets February end.

(By the way, the Yankee on my calendar for March is Gary Sanchez. Talk about someone who needs redemption … .)

Mild joking aside, I know it seems like this has lasted forever no matter what month it is, but if we can keep up with masks and social distancing and trying to be smart, hopefully we can get vaccinated and things will get better.


I hadn’t quite forgotten that it’s still OK to laugh at stuff, but it was getting close.


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Almost as long as February.

They’re pains to put on and the buttons never stay buttoned … other than that, I’m a huge fan of duvet covers.

No kidding.

Someone please explain “too early for ice cream” for me.

7 thoughts on “The week gone by — Feb. 28

    1. Yeah … I’m not really sure what the point of them really is. Well, I can guess (I assume keeping the duvet clean, with perhaps some aesthetics involved as well), but I still don’t know why they had to happen.


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