Ask … and you shall receive

For as nice as it will be to eat in a restaurant without worry, there is one thing I’ve liked about ordering food and picking it up.

Well, actually two things … not waiting for tables is nice … but unless we’re getting pizza and I sometimes have to call, the thing I like is that we order online.

Which means I get to set up my order exactly how I like it.

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I eat … what I eat

Originally posted May 22, 2016.

“I would never get on you for wanting to wear gingham shirts … but we do seem to feel we have the right in the public domain to talk about each others’ foods.”

— “Breaking Down The Science Of Picky Eating,” NPR

Ain’t that the truth!

I am the classic “picky eater,” always have been. The one that gets people’s attention the most is that I don’t eat fruits (except bananas) or vegetables (except corn, which everyone tells me isn’t really a vegetable).

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Free flights? Free food? You choose.

The story turns sad at the end, but for a time, Steven Rothstein had quite the life.

In 1987, he spent $250,000 — according to this calculation, about $565,000 in today’s money — to buy an unlimited, lifetime AAirpass from American Airlines, which let him fly first class anywhere … forever.

And he … USED … IT. According to his daughter Caroline, over the next 20 years, he flew enough for the pass to pay for itself.

Until American took it away.

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Time to eat!

The year in food in Boston, about 30 miles near where I live, will include Japanese sandwiches gaining in popularity, restaurants without seats and marijuana-infused food (it just became legal here.

Oh, and apparently food being more political then ever, because really, what isn’t?

The Boston Globe made those and other predictions, inspiring me to make my own at the appropriate level of my foodieness.

Which is to say none.

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A good hot turkey sandwich is diner perfection

I try very hard — and perhaps even succeed sometimes — not to be a snob about too many things.

But one of the things I readily acknowledge being a snob about is diners.

When you grow up in a small town in upstate New York, you learn to appreciate a proper diner. I even worked in one in high school, making money for insurance on my first car.

The best ones have regulars, preferably ones who always seem to be there at the same time and always sit together, without ever planning it.

The staff and customers know each other by name, and — this is important — customers should be able to refill their own coffee, no questions asked.

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Sasha’s greatest triumph

Although she once accidentally turned the oven on by walking across it, we haven’t been all that strict about keeping our cat Sasha off tables and countertops, especially if there’s no food on them.

However, there’s one thing we have consistently denied her.

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