The week gone by — Oct. 25

Close to 25 years after getting my master’s degree, I am a college student again.

Well, not exactly. It’s not like I’m sitting in a classroom (or on a Zoom call) with students young enough to be my children.

The “lecture hall,” so to speak, is my downstairs desk.

But it is a course, offered by a university, with lectures, readings, quizzes and some kind of final assignment before I get credit for the class, although in this case it’s a certificate, not three credits toward a diploma.

And, as usual, on the first day of class, I thought, “There’s no way I’ll be able to do this.”

Yet I will push forward and try to learn the material. Plus, the living quarters are nicer than any dorm I’ve ever been in.


I got a phone call from a weird place the other day. 

Voting is a lot easier today, but it’s missing something from where I grew up … pancakes, for one thing. (By the way, this isn’t exactly what our voting machines looked like, but it was pretty close.)

After Renata tagged me, I answered some questions about Halloween.


Update Nov. 1 — The story this was based on was retracted, so I deleted what I talked about.


Rosie started a new job … during a pandemic. You can probably guess that’s a shade unusual.

Giggles is out of isolation, and, yeah, she’s pretty happy about it.

Lindsay still can’t get Boris Johnson to listen to her.

The Single Vegas Girl had a date. It went very, very badly.

I’m with Michelle — hard pass on horror movies.

Alexis committed a bit of an oopsie, but learned a lesson from it.

One careless coworker + one nasty sickness = one very nervous Vee. (Vee “only” had the flu. Her coworker wasn’t so fortunate.)

Zoe has had some interesting home-office moments — no, not one of THOSE home-office moments, but interesting nonetheless.

Savannah tricked out her yard for Halloween.

Austin took a roundabout route to figuring out his favorite Halloween candy.

Is there something in the water when it comes to stories I read this week about sports parents? For real, I’m starting to wonder.


Excellent photos by friends that also include “When Harry Met Sally” references are always winners. (It’s one of my favorite movies, although it was the cause of this humorous, mildly embarrassing story.)

Speaking of automatic wins — William Carlos Williams parodies.

My people … I have found them.

So happy I get “Succession” references now.

All the ice cream sold here is 22 percent better. Again … it’s science.

I recorded the demolition of the Kingdome on my VCR to make sure I didn’t miss it.

Sometimes, it’s best to just not ask too many questions.

I’m not sure it got much better.

Sometimes the simple gifts are best.


“ …just heard on NPR, ‘Some folks listening may not have heard of the Wu Tang Clan.’ Really? You think?”

I‘ve heard of Wu-Tang Clan, although I don’t think I could name a song of theirs at gunpoint.

However, it was 11 years ago this weekend, where upon hearing that introduction to an NPR story, I ran from our kitchen to the living room to post the above status on Facebook.

I was the first time I recall that I saw or heard something and just HAD to post it, which now has turned into post it, tweet it or as Suzi sometimes says, “You’re going to blog about that, aren’t you?”

Maybe the sign we saw the other day in the hip-hop haven of Exeter, New Hampshire was right: “Presidents are temporary. Wu-Tang is forever.”


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