You cannot wrap Christmas gifts worse than me

I think I’m pretty good at a lot of things, but there are some things I am really bad at.

Worst New York State high school basketball player in 1988 to 1990? — It’s a short list, but I’m on it.

I’m horrible at building things, or fixing them.

Driving directions are lost on me.

And I am the absolute worst at wrapping presents.

It literally starts at the beginning, as I’m not very good at cutting wrapping paper. It’s uneven, and that’s when it doesn’t flat-out rip.

I give myself a little bit of an excuse on that one, however, since even though I taught myself to cut right-handed years ago, I am left-handed.

And then once I get it cut, it’s highly unlikely it will be the right size. I tend to believe that if it’s good enough to do, it’s good enough to overdo (in an unrelated matter, this is why I don’t drink), so when in doubt, I use a lot more paper than I need.

But wait, there’s more! I have yet to master the subtleties of keeping the paper in place, grabbing tape and folding all at the same time with the two hands I was born with.

So let’s just say smooth edges aren’t exactly my thing.

So how does that make me different than a lot of other guys? (Let’s face it. Not every guy is lousy at wrapping presents, but I’d be willing to bet almost all lousy wrappers are guys.)

Simple … degree of difficulty.

Look at the finished product from this year’s wrapping. There’s nothing overly large, and it’s almost all rectangular and flat.

It should be easy, right? But I manage to make it look hard.

And that’s why I’m the worst.


3 thoughts on “You cannot wrap Christmas gifts worse than me

  1. I loved this! I can’t really relate, because I’m my friends’ and family’s resident gift wrapper, but I imagine this must be what wrapping presents is like for them! On the bright side, gift bags can be kind of cool, too, if you stuff them with tissue paper (plus, it’s like 2 gifts, because they can reuse the bag)!
    -Liv |

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