Where did Christmas come from?

Hard as it is to believe, but it feels like Christmas has actually sneaked up on us.

Because Thanksgiving was so early this year, it still seemed early to turn one’s attention to Christmas.

After all, it was still more than a month away.

But all of a sudden, here we are. It’s Dec. 18. Christmas is in a week.

The good news is that basically everything is set. Decorating has long been done. The shopping is done unless something comes up at the last minute.

I put the last of the Christmas cards in the mail this morning.

I have yet to wrap presents; I have a reputation as the world’s worst wrapper to uphold!

My work schedule is going to be tough, actually right through to New Year’s Eve.

The work itself isn’t so bad, just the logistics. I’ve been at least low-grade stressing about it since February, which is when I first got a request from someone I supervise to get Christmas Eve off.

My office had our holiday lunch last week; my wife’s party is tomorrow afternoon.

Over the holiday, we’ll drive from Massachusetts to New York and back, so I’m keeping an especially watchful eye on the weather forecasts. So far … so good.

Where do you stand a week from Christmas? Relaxed and ready for it to be here, or on edge trying to get everything done?

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